2020 Word of the Year + intentions

I'm very excited to share my word of the year! Read more to see what word I have chosen and what my intentions for 2020 are!

My 2020 word of the year is... GROWTH

This year, I personally and professionally want to check off  things on my "to do list". Like I want to buy my first car, ~finally~ start my own business, maybe travel a little, get a big girl job, graduate college, go out more and the list goes on and on! These aren't things that I can improve about myself, but to improve my lifestyle and overall being. I've always been that shy girl, but as I'm literally growing up and out of my shell, I want to live a life with purpose and I want to grow into the woman I'm meant to be. There are sooo many things I want to accomplish in this life, and there's not a better time to start. So, here's to a new decade, a new year, and a chance to grow.

2020 please be good to me

Sincerely, Des

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