My ACL Experience + Tips for a Festival Newbie

Happy Wednesday friends! I'm finally getting back into the groove of things from my long & fun weekend at ACL. For those who don't know about ACL, it's a 3-day music festival in Austin, TX and oh man Austin knows how to throw a music fest!
It takes place every first & second week in October and you can either purchase single-day tickets or 3-day tickets. My family decided to purchase 3-day tickets so we left early Friday morning & made the trek to Austin. We got to ATX around 12:30ish and headed straight to the festival since the gates opened at 11:00am. Each day we had a different schedule of which artists & bands we wanted to see.


Like I said, we drove right into Austin and headed straight to Zilker Park. The first thing we did was get the lay of the land. We checked out what types of food vendors where there, found locations of the different stages & shopped for merch! The headlines for Friday night were Tame Impala (we knew we had to see him) & Guns N' Roses. Since Tame Impala didn't go on until 8:15pm we just took it easy and listened to the music of other bands. We did however see Jai Wolf and Cherry Glazer which was pretty fun!


Saturday was a busy & fun & exahusting day for all of us. We all woke up bright & early to get the free breakfast at out hotel and then got ready for the long day ahead of us. We drove into downtown Austin, found parking, and shuttled to the festival grounds. The big headliners for Saturday was The Cure & Childish Gambino but we were definitely gonna see The Cure.  We also saw Finneas, Lauren Daigle, Mistwerwives, Gary Clark Jr, & Billie Eilish. Saturday was so fun & the highlight of my day was seeing The Cure with my mom & sisters (my mom's fave band!!) and Lauren Daigle which is hands down so beautiful & crazy talented. After the long day, we got back to the hotel around 10:30ish and fell hard asleep!


Oh man, I couldn't sleep because I was so excited for Sunday. Again, we woke up pretty early and grabbed the free breakfast at the hotel, then treked to the park. Sunday's big act was Cardi & Mumford & Sons and we were really excited to see Mumford & Sons since we've been big fans of theirs for a while now! My family kept it pretty low key but I was really excited to see Kacey Musgraves, so I decided to go a lil crazy and wait at the barricade for 4 hours! It was so out of my comfort zone & I've never done anything like that before so it was pretty special to me that I made it to the front row to see one of my favorite artists. Her performance was so magical and it's a memory that I hope I never forget! After Kacey's set finished, I took a quick break and had a super yummy acai bowl before seeing Mumford. Gosh, darn Mumford & Sons always puts on a good show!


Y'all this weekend was one for the books!!! I seriously hope I never forgot my first ACL experience. I think the key to having majoy fun at music festivals, is just letting loose and having fun with the crowd. My top highlights from this weekend was defintely seeing The Cure & Kacey Musgraves. It's also crazy how I went way out of my comfort zone and did something I never thought I would ever do/experience, I was so close to Kacey and when her set finished I layed on the ground and cried for a sec because omg ya girl just did that. Lol, that was def a magical, out of the world moment! I had so much fun & if your ever doubting going to a music festival, just go! I for sure had moments of doubt and was so nervous about the whole thing but I'm so glad I went!


  • DRESS COMFY  I saw so many cute girls & tbh I have no idea how they did it. Because Texas heat is no joke, I dressed super comfy but still thought I looked cute! I would recommend wearing something loose and fun! And don't forget comfy shoes!!
  • STAY HYDRATED remember friends, hydrate don't diedrate! We were able to bring in empty water bottles and filled them up at the many hydrations stations scattered around the park. 
  • SUNSCREEN becuase you don't wanna look like a lobster! I stayed on top of re-applying my sunscreen so I was good until I decided to go stand and wait for 4 hours to see Kacey and then the sun got the best of me lol
  • BE PRESENT this seems the most obvious but remember to stay present during the weekend! I tried my hardest to stay off my phone for the most part so I could really enjoy the music and be in the moment
  • SPEND WISELY food & drinks easily add up at these fesitvals so be prepared to spend some money on decent enough food. I also reccomend staying on a budget and try to only spend cash!
  • HAVE FUN after all, your at a music festival jamming out to some good tunes so have fun and forget all about your worries back home!
much love, Des

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