Photo Diaries: July Recap

Hey guys! It's been a hot minute since I've sat down and written anything. I took a quick hiatus for the summer, to simply enjoy life. As the summer is quickly ending I thought I'd go ahead and share some snapshots from July.

July was a pretty decent month. I started the month off by exploring Houston's China town & more which was fun since I've never really been there. The rest of the month I either spent outside at the pool or beach or was at work. We also celebrated my little sister's 10th birthday, which was so fun! We went bowling and then ventured to the mall for some light shopping. July was also filled with some fun day adventures such as the Houston Zoo, Houston Museum of Natural Science and road trips to Lockhart, TX and San Antonio, TX.

Pool Days are the best days!

Left China Town with a PopinCookin' kit! Has anyone ever heard of these lol I used to watch YT videos on these things like crazy
Spent a bunch of time outside with the pups!

consumed a whole lotta a lot

hey good lookin' I started walking some Buffalo Bayou trails near downtown Houston and look at this view!

Spontaneously look a drive to our fav bbq market! So worth the 2ish hour drive

we detoured to San Antonio (Haven't been there in years!)

found some fun stuff at my fave goodwill #imtryingtobesustainable

never been closer to the moon

saw some fun pieces of amber

took a snap in the museum restroom lol I have this same pic from when I had my high school prom at the museum

Since we're members at the Zoo we always come and have a fun day! I was so happy to finally see the gorillas since they're always hiding when I come

this little babe was too cute!

one random day we decided to drive up to the beach. It's about a 45-minute drive and we watched the sunset. We plan on going back later this summer for a fun picnic!

Forever a beach girl

July was a good month for the books! I look forward to August and going back to school and having a day-to-day schedule!  What's one thing you're looing forward to in August??!

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