10 Graphic Tees under $20

Y'all! I have gone through 15 pages on Amazon to find the cutest graphic tees under $20. Considering most of these tees are available through prime shipping, they are pretty darn cute and super inexpensive.

 10 Graphic Tees under $20

1. Botanical  Flower Tee

Although this tee is sort of a dupe for THIS popular Urban Outfitters tee, the price is really great and it comes in a variety of sizes including men, women, and youths. Oh and it's prime shipping!

2.The Doors 

Much like all of these graphics ( & pretty much everything else you buy on Amazon), you have to be careful with what you're buying. I love how fun and vivid this band tee is. In the reviews, some buyers have this shirt with a typo so buyer beware when purchasing this cutie!

 3. Happy Camper


I stinkin' love this tee and the graphic is too cute! This tee will look so good paired with some denim cutoffs and a pair of birks! The perfect go-to casual outfit!

4. Succulent Beer Can 

I think this design is very different but also kinda fun and cute! I love the vintange-y look of the beer cans and y'all know I love me some succulents. This tee also comes in two different designs & prime shipping! 

5. Good Vibes High Tides


I originally saw this tee on Instagram and it sorta inspired this post. I love the graphic and the colors scream summer and beachy vibes!

6. Do More of What makes you Happy


This is probably my favorite saying.  If you are a firm believer in doing what makes you happy you need this tee! Not to mention that it's $15.99 & prime shipping??!?! Yes, please!

7.Desert Starry Night

I looove this one! I think it's really different from some of the tees that I've been seeing at different retailers and I like the thicker muscle tank style than the thinner straps I've seen. This tee has the most reviews out of all of these other tees and most people are saying that the sizing is weird so keep that in mind when ordering!

8. Sunshine Vibes

So this product photo listed isn't the best and it only has 1 review, however, based off the review photo it looks promising! For only $15.99 and prime shipping, I think this is a diamond in the rough!

9. I Need Space


This tee has a unique design and although I've seen the phrase a few places I don't think I've seen this design anywhere. I think its really cute and has a vintage feel with the rocket and stars. Also, this tee has 0 reviews but does have prime shipping!

10. Here Comes the Sun


This tee comes in a few other colors and fit options for men, women, and youth. Plus it reminds me of my favorite Beatles song and I can't stop singing it every time I look at it๐Ÿ˜‹

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