Chilly Spring Days

I love a good sunny, spring day but tbh I'm not a fan of those cold mornings (and eventually days) where it's super pretty & sunny but also freezing at the same time. Those are the worst! You wanna dress all cute but it's too cold for all the darling spring dresses:(.  For these types of days, I try to bring out my spring/summer clothes and layer with a sweater (or in this case, a sweater and turtleneck)! Y'all I swear this "tip" is the best and my personal go-to for confusing weather.
This is my new favorite outfit. It's perfect for cold mornings because of the sweater, and I can always unlayer if I get too hot, plus I love how easy and fun this look is! 

 Are you experiencing wacky weather where you are??! If so, let me know!

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