New at Old Navy

Last week, I walked into my nearest Old Navy and was so thrilled to see so many new arrivals hitting the shelfs. TBH I score the interent for new arrivals probably every weekly, so it was nice to see what I've been seeing online finally in store. There's so many fun and colorful goodies that are perfect for spring and summer.

Spring Ready with InfluenceHer Collective

 I'm officially spring ready thanks to the InfluenceHer Spring Essentials Kit! This kit includes must-haves for the spring season and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these fun products!

Chilly Spring Days

I love a good sunny, spring day but tbh I'm not a fan of those cold mornings (and eventually days) where it's super pretty & sunny but also freezing at the same time. Those are the worst! You wanna dress all cute but it's too cold for all the darling spring dresses:(.  For these types of days, I try to bring out my spring/summer clothes and layer with a sweater (or in this case, a sweater and turtleneck)! Y'all I swear this "tip" is the best and my personal go-to for confusing weather.

March Bullet Journal

Hello hello! I'm back today with a quick look into my March bullet journal spread! If you haven't kept up with me since I posted my January Bullet Journal, I recently started bullet journaling! I'm combining my two favorite things -being artsy and creative & my love for planning!