I Got Bangs!

If you follow me on instagram (@thelonestardarling) I mentioned on my stories last week, that I really wanted bangs. TBH I was straight up getting bored with my hair and I'm known for going out on a whim and doing something crazy with my hair. So I did it, I got bangs!

So here's a little backstory about these bangs: I did them myself 🙊yes you read that right, I cut my own bangs and I think they look pretty good!!!! I'm always up for a hair "transformation" and since I really wanted bangs I knew that It would A.) look okayish and B.) look like a 5-year-old took a pair of school scissors and chopped her hair off. Thankfully we are lookin' pretty good over here and I'm super happy with my at home bangs! (lol it's funny saying that)

I 100% blame my current obsession with bangs on a few gorgeous ladies I follow (hello @ardenrose, @sophia_rosemary, & @autumrainn) plus I'm in the middle of season 6 New Girl (seriously have watched it maybe like 5 times already) and Jess has always been bang inspiration💖

So blog, meet my bangs! They are here to stay for a while, so get used to them!!

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