Weekly Rundown

Hi friends! We've survived another week and I'd thought I'd share some stuff that I've been loving! I really am trying to get back into publishing these posts because I really do love sharing fun stuff with y'all! Here's what I've been loving this week!

Let's talk about the Grammys! I've already shared my fave looks (READ HERE) but can we talk about the performances??!!! My favorite was definitely Shawn Mendes and Miley! I'm a huge fan of both artists but together they are amazing!!! If you haven't seen their performance, WATCH HERE!

If you keep up with youtube and pop culture/news in general, you might've heard something about Shane Dawson and his conspiracy theories. I've been a fan of Shane and his team for some months now so I already knew that his new Conspiracy Theories series was gonna be bomb. A few weeks actually went by before I watched and after my sisters were non-stop talking about and not sharing any of the deets with me, I decided to watch both parts that are uploaded on his channel. All I can saw is WOOOOOOOOWWWW! The series (mostly pt. 2) is so good. Of course, everything discussed just theories and some facts but believe what you want to believe. If you haven't watched it, go watch it and let's talk about it!!! WATCH HERE!

Valentine's was yesterday and my sweet, older sister surprised me with a new bow scrunchie!!! Y'all know how much I love hair accessories so I was happy to get a light pink (so on brand!! lol) huge bow scrunchie! Seriously, it is soo me and I can't wait to wear it a million times! SHOP HERE so we can match!

I stumbled across the cutest earring and accessories shop on ig a few weeks ago! Roziejune earrings are the most fun and unique earrings! THESE are my favorite!

I recently updated my wishlist slider here on the blog! It now has a ton of clothes and accessories for Spring and Summer! Be sure to check it out on the right side of the screen (you might have to scroll down past the blog archive to view)

Happy Friday friends! 

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