Weekly Rundown

Hi guys! So it turns out that when I say I'm gonna start doing a certain type of series post, I never actually do it :( remember when I said that I was excited to bring back weekly rundown posts? ha! well I only ever did one since I said that. But that changing real quick, because I finally gathered all my thoughts and I'm finally writing this.

ugh, I want this! My sister has one and she loves it! There are so many records that I want but I think it would be a little silly to own vinyls but no actual record player!

I've seen this dupe everywhere and I kinda wanna get it. I know not everyone will love it since its pretty much fake, but my boujee little self wants it! 

seriously obsessed with this insta account! #hearteyes 

Kinda obsessed with Maggie Rogers at the moment. Really, like go give her a listen on Spotify

 Have you seen the new arrivals at Old Navy?!? I cannot wait for Spring!!!

That's it for the week! I hope y'all had a good week<3 Oh and Happy February!

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