Thrift Haul

Last week I got the sudden urge to deep clean my entire room and closet. Now I'm not the type of person who enjoys fact, I typically will start cleaning and then take about a hundred breaks to avoid it. I know, it's a terrible thing to do and I'm working on it. So I spent the entire days after Christmas deep cleaning like my life at stake.

It also happened that I had been thinking of my word of the year and re-evaluating the past year. So I got to cleaning and pretty much cleaned until everything was dust free (especially those baseboards that I usually ignore) and had 3 huge trash bags of clothes, shoes, and other things to be donated!

I sold a few things to Buffalo Exchange and took the rest to Good Will! Honestly, it felt really good to get rid of things that I wasn't using anymore, plus me and the fam like thrifting so while we dropped everything off, we also did a bit of shopping! Throughout the past few weeks, I've accumulated a few things here and there. Even though you definitely have to dig around for some good stuff, I always leave with some fun stuff!

  The ribbed stripped turtleneck is probably my favorite thing that I've ever thrifted!

I'm always looking for nicer tops when I'm out shopping. I found this cute top from Altar'd State which is one of my favorite stores but it can get $$$ so I don't shop there as much as I'd like! I loved the deep maroon and fall-ish colors plus how pretty is this floral print?

I never really check out the hats and accessories but I was in the men's department looking around with my dad and I spotted this charcoal, kinda distress cap. I thought it looked cool, so I turned it over and low and behold I found a Favor the Kind cap!! Honestly, my little heart was jumping because I love Favor the Kind soo much! I first "discovered" them when I was in ATX and before they changed their name! It was so cool, finding this hat that I knew I had to bring it home with me.

How fun is this Mickey& Minnie tee! It's super big, but I just loved the colors<3 Also when did Disney & Fila collab, cause I'm all here for that!

You can never have enough flannels, amirite?!? I snagged this maroon and white flannel for a few bucks and it looks so cute with leggings and some boots!

I absolutey have a new found love for thrifting and finding "new" clothes that I can give some love to!

Thanks soo much for reading!

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