Semester Goals

Today I'm taking some time to reflect on past semesters and try to set some goals to have the best possible semester. Whether you want to get a certain grade in your class or to join an organization, it's always nice to set some goals for the semester.

1.Pass all my classes with A's  

I'm gonna be real and say that  I've never passed all my classes (in a semester) with all A's. I'm usually an A/B student, which is perfectly fine. This semester I'm challenging myself to pass with all A's. I don't think it'll be hard, I just have to focus on school more and really try to understand what I'm being taught.

 2. Make Dean's List 

Back in  Spring 2017 I made the Dean's List, which is basically a list of undergrad students who earned a 3.5 minimum GPA during that semester. I remember being so proud of this accomplishment and tbh I was kinda hurt that I've never made the list ever since. So this semester, I'm gonna try to work my butt off and try to make it on the list. 

3. Stay Ahead

This goal isn't anything new to me, in fact, I pretty much do this regularly through the semester. I always, always try to stay ahead in any assignments. I'm proud to say that during my entire college career, I've never turned in anything late or asked for more time. I'm always working ahead of the semester which is pretty great because I'm not like the rest of the people in class who are rushing to finish an assignment.

4. Keep notes organized

After all this time in school, I'm still trying to figure out what notetaking style is helpful for me. Up until last semester, I hand wrote everything and also printed out a few powerpoint slides. I always had a five subject notebook and each class had a section. I was running out of pages in my notebook and I started using a binder which I enjoyed. Fast forward to last semester, and I was typing out all of my notes, I loved this! Pretty much now, I use both my laptop and handwritten notes. I don't know if I've found the notetaking style for me, but it works and I like it! It also helps keep everything organized. On my laptop, each class gets it's own folder on the desktop, here I place the syllabus, notes, course calendar and all that other stuff. I'm my notebook, I jot down v-important notes. Things that if I lost my laptop or everything got deleted, I wouldn't have to freak out because I somewhat had a physical copy.

5.Manage Time Wisely 

This semester  I'm taking the most online classes that I've ever taken in a semester. With that being said, I'll be working on my laptop most of the time. There's a huge pro and con to all of this. I easily get distracted with everything going on, so it's pretty difficult to just sit down and get stuff done. This semester I really want to plan out my days and kinda create a 'block schedule'. 

Thanks for Reading

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