Dear 2018

Dear 2018, 

Thank you for all the memories, love, laughter, the good and the bad days. This year I learned about myself, I learned and lived, I made mistakes, I listened to my guts, I trusted myself, & most of all I put all my faith in God. I learned that things don't always go as planned and that I can't control everything. I learned that the world isn't as nice and the skies aren't always blue. I learned that it's okay to cry and it's okay to have bad days. There's rain before the rainbow, right?

2018 gave me some of the best memories thus far! I explored new places with my family,
taught myself new hobbies, dove headfirst into deep waters, grew closer in my faith, made new relationships, and had some pretty awesome experiences & opportunities. I learned to do things more for me and never for anyone else! I have inspiration to chase my dreams and I can do whatever my huge, happy, heart wants. Being kind is the best way to live & I want people to laugh and spread peace & happiness! 

2018 brought me my Tswift year (idk about you, but I'm feeling 22!!) and my OBSESSION with avocados and millennial pink!  I learned that I am very much obsessed with anything that sparkles and is cute. I also realized that I'm more  like Jess Day (holla at anyone who watches New Girl!) than I ever knew I was, because yes, I *probably* will brake for birds, I rock a lot of polka dots (pretty much any pattern), I have touched glitter in the past 24 hrs, and I think it's weird that not everyone likes dessert (bc let's be honest I could pretty much live off of anything sweet!)! In 2018, I felt more in tune with myself that I have ever.

I can probably go on and on about 2018, but to make this short and to the point I'm writing this instead. So thank you 2018, for being a year for the books! Yeah, 2019 scares me!!! I don't know what's out there and what the universe has for me, but I'm ready! I'm ready for new memories, new relationships, new obsessions, and new experiences! 2018, Thanks for a good year!