5 Favorites

1. Velvet Bow Scrunchies- I hopped on the scrunchies train and I'm not disappointed. It's so easy to throw the top layer of my new shorter hair into a cute little pony or top knot and with these scrunchies, it gives the overall look a little more oomph. Mine are from Free People but so many retailers carry scrunchies now! 

2. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater- This sweater is currently in the cart and I need to purchase it asap! Once it gets cooler I love the look of turtlenecks. Although they can look a little 80s/90s esque, I like to wear mine with so chunky hoops and either leggings or jeans for a cool girl look.

3. Glitter rainboots - I didn't need another pair of rainboots, but as usual I love anything that sparkles and these caught my eye. Although they are glittery, they're still easy to wear because of the style and color. 

4. Tortoiseshell Earrings- These types of earrings have been everywhere this season. I picked up a few from Forever 21 all under $10.

5. Fleece Pullover- This isn't the exact brand as the one that I have but I literally live in this pullover once it gets cooler. It pretty much feels like your wrapped in a fuzzy, soft blanket. 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know some of your favorites too! Let me know down below.

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