Planner Talk Part 2: My Favorite Planner Supplies

You saw and read that I recently purchased a new planner last week, so now let's talk about my favorite planner supplies. Since I'm big on color coding, I have probably too many colored pens but oh well! lol!! I also love decorating my planner with doodles and stickers etc. Here are some of my favorite supplies!

My all time, hands down, favorite pens are the Pilot Juice Pens ballpoint pens. I saw someone doing a plan with me on youtube and saw these pens in action and I knew that I needed them, so the same day I ordered this pack on Amazon. I believe they are from Japan and shipping was a little over a week. They are a 0.5 mm gel ink ballpoint pen and come in 12 colors. They are super fine, don't smear or bleed through paper which is always a plus when writing in my planner.

I also love these fineliners that I've had for a while. I picked them up from Michaels and they're great for planners since the colors are vivid and don't smear or bleed through. I've yet to try Stabilo or other nicer brands. They get the job done and aren't crazy priced.

Even though I mostly use my Pilot juice pens, I also love classic gel pens. I like using the Pilot G2 gel pens. These are pretty nice to use, but I always find them smearing and the ink seems to skip which I'm not a big fan of.

Another pen brand I love is Le Pen. I only have a black and pink pen but they are so nice! Again, they're great for planners!

A few years ago I used a Happy Planner, which is amazing for crafty people!!! I loved decorating each spread and making it super adorable and cute! I think during that time I got really into planner stickers and washi tape! Even though I don't use a Happy Planner, I still use my Happy Planner Sticker Books. You can purchase them at Michaels or at

I'm also a big fan of washi tape and I'm kinda sad that I haven't stocked up on some new designs. I picked up a fun vibrant pack of 5 tapes a year or two ago and I just finished them all, so I definitely need to stock up on some more!

I try to keep everything 'minimal' and try not to go overboard with different supplies. I'd say that my most used items are definitely the juice pens, stickers and maybe some highlighters to cross things off and to add some bright colors to my planner. Like I mentioned in part 1, my planner is pretty bare still but I'm having fun slowly adding in fun & important dates and getting to decorate it! Let me know if there's anything you'd want me to show/feature on Planner Talk in the future!

Thanks for Reading!

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