Planner Talk Part 1: My New Planner

I loooove me some planning and I recently purchased a brand new planner for the upcoming school year, so I'm really excited to start filling it and decorating it in the next few weeks! TBH I'm not *too* picky about the layout, for me, a good planner has to have big enough boxes to write everything in & a monthly spread. Any planner that has those two "requirement" is a good enough planner for me. This is just preference but I'm a sucker for anything cute and girly and chances are I'll end up with a cute patterned planner than a boring one!

With all that being said, let's look my current planner. Like I said, I purchased this a few weeks ago so It's a little empty and boring on the inside but give me a few weeks and It'll be all colorful and cute. So this is my planner!! I purchased it from Marshalls for $ 7.99, which is a STEAL! I don't think I've ever spent less than $20 on a planner.  It's a 17-month planner (it'll last Fall 18, Spring 19 and Fall 19 semesters) from August 2018-December 2019. Like any other planner, it has 2019 Holidays and 2018/2019 year at a glance. After that, the monthly layouts begin. Even though I really love this planner and the layout, I do wish that the monthly spread was in front of the weekly spread. Instead, this planner has all monthly spreads (Aug 2017-Dec 2019) taking up a nice chunk of the planner, and then the weekly spreads start.

After all the weekly spreads, there are some fun pages such as a To-Do & Not-To-Do List, budget tracker, bucket list and 4 pages for extra grid paper perfect for notes! It also comes with a pageful of adorable stickers! 

Okay, so that's my planner! I'm really excited to start writing and decorating it now that I've shared it with y'all. Part 2 of Planner Talk should be up later this week / early next week and I'll be going over my favorite pens and supplies to use in my planner!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my new planner!

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