The Nordstrom Sale + What's Worth it

Hey y'all! I originally wasn't gonna post anything from the N Sale since so many other bloggers post about it, but I thought I'd share what I would get if I was shopping it and what's really worth it. I don't usually shop at Nordstrom (except that time I saved up $$$ and bought myself a Longchamp) and I've never shopped the sale. Even though I won't shop the sale there are still a few pieces that are priced really good and have caught my eye. 

Today is also special since the sale is open up to the public. These last few weeks, the sale has only been open up to cardholders and buy beware things have been selling out FAST. If you plan on shopping today, be ready to snag what you want just in case things sell out. 

These are my picks and if I was shopping, these are items I'd definitely get. 


I am the worst at picking up basic tees. I have so many cute blouses but hardly any solid tees that I can wear with jeans, shorts etc. The solid tops are both under $20 while the stripe belle sleeve is $22.90.


Online there are 7 pages just under the outerwear tab. Sooo many different options at various price points! I'd definitely snag the first two cardigans since they're both pretty simple and basic.


The shoe section was pretty good. These are the only pairs that I would really get again if I was shopping the sale, It's the perfect time to pick up some new boots and booties for the fall as well as some Hunters!


Again there's a ton of great accessories with even better prices. After looking through all the pages I've narrowed it down to only three pieces and I think each piece is great. I want a new wallet and the Tory mini wallet is adorable and the sale price is pretty good for the brand. The same goes for the other pieces.

So you're probably asking, well what's actually worth it? Since everything is new and there aren't any last season products, everything is priced pretty well especially designer pieces. From what I've seen, I would say the Tory Burch bags are gonna be a hit, Hunter boots are crazy good priced, and if you love dresses and Self-Portrait get you some gorgeous dresses because they hardly go on sale!

Again, there are so many things that are well worth their sale price. In my opinion, these are the best-priced items and products that I'd splurge on.

Happy Shopping!

Summer Shoes

As much as I love clothes, I think I love shoes and accessories more. You could have the most basic, simple outfit ever but when you add some killer accessories, that's what makes the outfit stand out. Adding your own flair and style is what I love about fashion and finding out what you like and looks good on you. Today on The Lonestar Darling, I'm sharing five shoes that are perfect for Summer!


These TB Miller sandals have been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm really loving this rose gold color! Also who doesn't love a casual slide? This pair from BP. is perfect for summer and also a great transition into fall!

Thanks for Reading!

Weekly Rundown No. 41

Happy Happy Friday! Like always I'm super pumped and excited for this weekend! I don't have any plans yet, but those types of weekends always end up really fun and exciting! In today's Weekly Rundown I'll be sharing some fun stuff I found on the internet and some new shows that I've recently started watching. I hope you enjoy!


I recently started watching Queer Eye and it's AMAZING! It truely is such a beautiful show and I can't be obsessed with the fab 5 anymore than I already am 

So many cute arrivals at Francesca's! I'm loving this top

I've been using my Clarisonic Mia for a few days now and I flipping love it!You can read more about my thoughts on it here 

CANNOT WAIT!!! Creative & Cultivate x Houston is later this month and I'm too excited to attend 

I also started watching Life Sentence on netflix. It's about living your life to the fullest and It's pretty good so far!
UGH SHE'S JUST BEAUTIFUL! I am living for these photos of Lili<3 

Me and my good friend Emily from The Monogrammed Em started a blog group chat! Let either me or her know that you wanna join and we'll add you!

This rounds up another week! I hope everyone has a good weekend!