Weekly Rundown No. 39

Happy Friday! It's been a while since my last Weekly Rundown so why not start these weekly catch ups again!

Let's start with what I've been doing since being out of school. I started my summer internship with State Line Designs, a local apparel, and gift brand. I've been following SLD for quite a while now and the internship has been exciting! I've only had a few days but I can already tell that I'm learning a lot!

I've also been watching a new scandalous Gossip Girl esque show on Netflix called DYNASTY. I'm more than halfway done with the first and only season, but I'm glad I gave it a chance and watched it!

This summer I'm trying to be less 'online' meaning trying to stay away from wifi. Over the years my personal library full of YA novels has filled up and I just finished up re-reading my summer classic, The Summer I Turned Pretty! If you have read it before, go get it!!!

Next week my cousin graduates from high school!! Last Sunday, after a graduation mass at our church, we went to brunch with the whole family. It was so fun getting everyone together!!

Okay, so can we talk about the Royal Wedding?!?! I know, I know, you're probably tired of it but guys it was a DREAM!! Meghan was a walking doll and ugh I cannot with Harry!  

Let's talk about a serious trend... OVERALLS! I've been wanting a pair since April and every.single. pair I try on just doesn't look good. However, I did notice these online and I like how they're overalls but more casual-er...since they're looser and chambray maybe they'll fit differently than the traditional overalls I've tried. 

I could go on forever, but I'll end my rundown here! Happy weekend!

What I'm loving at Loft

A few months ago I shared What I Was loving at Old Navy that season and I thought why not share more of these types of post, so here I am today sharing what i'm loving at Loft! I used to shop in store of LOFT all the time when I worked in the mall, but I've continued to shop online too!

If I could shop at only one place forever it would be LOFT just becuase of how versatile everything is and I think their merchandise coindices with my personal style very well. Here are a few things that I'm currently loving!

(L-R) Halter Dress | Yellow blouse | Ruffle Shorts | One Piece Swim | Blouse | Striped Dress | Chambray Blouse | Romper

 My Picks

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Summer Mood Board

It feels like forever ago when I made my Spring Mood Board. So many new trends are popping up everywhere and it's starting to feel like summer! I'm out of school already and the days are surely getting warmer and warmer. I've mae this fun littler mood board and I'm kinda loving it!!!

* DISCLAIMER: all photos are from pinterest, none are mine. All photo cred goes to the original owners!*

Are you ready for summer?!?

Flatforms under $75

Flatforms have officially made their comeback and I'm all for it! For today's post, I've rounded up 16 trendy flatforms all under $75.00!! Although this is just a trend, I didn't wanna spend too much $$$ for a pair of shoes I'll probably only wear a few times. On a trip to Target I ended up picking up these yellow beauties and although I really like them, I personally wouldn't wear them as an everyday shoe. I do like how I can wear a simple tee and jeans and they make the outfit seem more than just a casual look. If you like any of my picks below, just simply click on the photo and you'll be re-directed to the shop page, easy right??!

Click to Shop

Are you liking this 'trend' too??

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Pretty in Pink

By the end of this post, I hope y'all know that my hands down favorite color is pink and I'm not picky about various shades of pink! I love anything from millennial pink to neon pink, it's just a fun color which I really enjoy!!!

Emerson Rose opened up a new location in Montrose a while ago (ps check out Emerson Rose, it's one of my fave local boutiques here in Houston!!) and this pink wall has been calling my name! I pass by it at least once a week but I've never stopped by until this weekend when my sisters and I did a little shopping in the area. These photos are all so me and I just love them💗 I'll try to link as much as I can down below but beware my jean are an older DIY. 


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Trending: Rompers & Jumpsuits

After doing some retail therapy, I found that jumpsuits are very in trend this season. I personally love a cute jumpsuit and especially love it, if it doesn't break the bank. With so many darling details and prints, it's hard not to add everything to cart and purchase! I *actually* don't remember if this trend was around last year, however, I'd still stock up on some because of how easy and effortless they are! Regardless if this is just a trend, I've rounded up some of my favorite jumpsuits for all budgets!

Are you on board with the romper/jumpsuit trend??

Spring / Summer Hair Accessories

Is it me or are hair accessories all the rage right now? I'm talking about scarves, headbands and wraps plus eveything else. In today's post I'm rounding up a few of my faves:


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