My Favorite Study Playlists

Hey guys! In today's post, I thought I would switch it up a bit and talk about music, most specifically study playlists. I absolute love Spotify and the variety of playlists available. My taste in music is pretty wide, I'm not much of a rap/hip-hop listener but other than that I love Indie rock/pop rock, soft mellow, country and almost everything in between. When I'm in a studying mood I definitely prefer soft chill music than anything else! Here are some of my favorite study playlists on Spotify!



All of these playlists are really great! With these playlists, you get in that "getting stuff done" mindset and it just works for me! I also really like listening to songs and artists that I don't know. If you know a song and burst out singing you can get distracted really easily, so I try to make an effort to listen to new music.With finals coming up, I hope you enjoy these playlists!

Thanks for reading!

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