Craft Haul

Hey guys! So some big blog news if you haven't heard from insta, is that I'm slowly going to start adding content about my art, hand-lettering, diy-fun creative stuff like that!! I've always been creative and I love drawing and painting but I also really love fashion and that's been apart of the blog since the beginning, so that won't be changing!! I just really want to share my other passion with you all!

So to introduce this first crafty/artsy post, here's a quick Michaels craft haul. My sister was gracious enough to take me to Michaels for my birthday. She gave me a budget of $50, we lucked out and went during a 20% off the whole purchase sale and got everything super cheap!! Out of my $50 budget I got everything I wanted for right under $30! 

Here's what I picked out: 

TRIM STUDIO MINI POM-POMS (can't find online)

Hope y'all enjoy these more crafty posts!

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