New Blog Series: Steal the Look

Soo have you ever found yourself loving an outfit that a show or movie character is wearing??? This is me all the time! It's happens really frequent and I've seen bloggers do 'steal the look' posts from other bloggers and celebrities and it dawned on me that I've never seen a character steal the look (and I'm probably not the first to do this lol). So here I am today introducing this fun blog series. Each month (or maybe even week) I'll take a character from a show or movie and try to duplicate an outfit the character was wearing-you get the jist right? I'll also try to find somewhat affordable pieces too because ya know broke college kid over here. 

So let's start with our first style inspiration and one of my many favorite tv characters: Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper form Riverdale!

I absolutely love Betty's character. Her style is very girlie and always rocks a high pony! One of the classic Betty looks is a light pink cardi, some type of nicer top/blouse, dark wash jeans, and ballet flats. As far as accessories and makeup, Betty keeps its super minimal with no jewelry and very simple makeup.


Hope you enjoy this new series!

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  1. I'm not a huge Riverdale fan but absolutely love this outfit!

    Felicity |