Birthday Wishlist

At the end of the month (the 30th to be exact) I'll be turning 22, which is both fun and yet terrifying. On the fun side I get to sing 22 by Taylor Swift and for a whole year, it'll kinda be my song. But, then turning another year older is just a reminder that I need to get my ish together and start adulting, ugh. Another fun note, I get to create a cute, birthday wishlist!! I've been slowly adding things to a secret Pinterest board but I thought, what the heck, let me just show y'all!!! So here's my birthday wishlist!! Of course, I don't actually think I'll get any of these as gifts but just in case, I've made sure everything is super affordable and easy to access. Meaning that If any of my fambam happen to come across this-HIIIII!!!These are some things that make my little heart happy!!!

I'm not to ask for 'fancy, big price tag gifts'. I'm a simple girl and easy to please, so most of these gifts are budget friendly! The only 'big' gift I'm asking for this year is a new phone. I'm still on my parent's plan and they ever so kindly pay the bills and whatnot. I decided it would be a good time to ask for a new phone since mine (iPhone 6s) is acting crazy. The battery doesn't last for longer that a few hours and I recently noticed that the back camera was looking foggy and photos were just looking terrible, trust me it drives me crazy!

Thanks for Reading!

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