Feelin' 22 + Weekly Rundown

Oh, Happy Friday!! I've been waiting 6 years to say this but... "I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I'M FEELIN' TWENTY TWO!!!"


That's right, today is my 22nd birthday! I've gotta be honest, it's a little saddening that my birthday happens to fall on Good Friday and since it's such a somber time and I fell guilty for celebrating my birthday. So instead of doing anything crazy -which I never do- I'm keeping it low key today. I'll probably have a nice dinner with my family and continue to celebrate over Easter weekend! Now back to the regular Weekly Rundown!!!

Just ordered these for spring/summer! I can't wait to wear! 

The internship search has full on started. I've already found a few but I need y'all help!! How far do you travel for your job/school? I live in downtown Houston, some internships are way out like Katy or Pearland so the commute would take a while.

Congrats Alex & Michael!! Love this cute youtube fam can't wait to see their little bundle of joy!

I also can't wait for my other fave youtube fam, Mallory & Kyle to welcome their little cutie!

SUPPORT THE BLOGGER YOU LOVE!!! Loved this post by Dana

That's all I have for this week!! Happy Easter weekend!

Birthday Wishlist

At the end of the month (the 30th to be exact) I'll be turning 22, which is both fun and yet terrifying. On the fun side I get to sing 22 by Taylor Swift and for a whole year, it'll kinda be my song. But, then turning another year older is just a reminder that I need to get my ish together and start adulting, ugh. Another fun note, I get to create a cute, birthday wishlist!! I've been slowly adding things to a secret Pinterest board but I thought, what the heck, let me just show y'all!!! So here's my birthday wishlist!! Of course, I don't actually think I'll get any of these as gifts but just in case, I've made sure everything is super affordable and easy to access. Meaning that If any of my fambam happen to come across this-HIIIII!!!These are some things that make my little heart happy!!!

I'm not to ask for 'fancy, big price tag gifts'. I'm a simple girl and easy to please, so most of these gifts are budget friendly! The only 'big' gift I'm asking for this year is a new phone. I'm still on my parent's plan and they ever so kindly pay the bills and whatnot. I decided it would be a good time to ask for a new phone since mine (iPhone 6s) is acting crazy. The battery doesn't last for longer that a few hours and I recently noticed that the back camera was looking foggy and photos were just looking terrible, trust me it drives me crazy!

Thanks for Reading!

Weekly Rundown No. 37

First week back from Spring Break is always a hard one๐Ÿ˜• I miss not having to wake up at 6 and not spending 10+ hours at school, but on the bright side, there are only a few weeks left. Like every other weekly rundown, here are a few things that I've enjoyed this week!!

It's not lie that I'm OBSESSED with gingham... I'm swooning over these cuties!! 

The CUTEST family!!! Loving all of these photos!

On the hunt for an Easter dress?? Look no further, Kate has you covered!

Such a darling top! so cute for the springtime

Updated my spring wishlist! Check it out⇨ 

These are just a few things I'm loved this week! Hope y'all have a good weekend!


Spring Mood Board

Happy Spring everyone!!! It so refreshing to have the sun shining and waking up to birds chirping every morning. These past few days have been AMAZING, it's not too hot nor cold, I love it!!!

photos L- R 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Happy Spring!!


New Blog Series: Steal the Look

Soo have you ever found yourself loving an outfit that a show or movie character is wearing??? This is me all the time! It's happens really frequent and I've seen bloggers do 'steal the look' posts from other bloggers and celebrities and it dawned on me that I've never seen a character steal the look (and I'm probably not the first to do this lol). So here I am today introducing this fun blog series. Each month (or maybe even week) I'll take a character from a show or movie and try to duplicate an outfit the character was wearing-you get the jist right? I'll also try to find somewhat affordable pieces too because ya know broke college kid over here. 

So let's start with our first style inspiration and one of my many favorite tv characters: Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper form Riverdale!

I absolutely love Betty's character. Her style is very girlie and always rocks a high pony! One of the classic Betty looks is a light pink cardi, some type of nicer top/blouse, dark wash jeans, and ballet flats. As far as accessories and makeup, Betty keeps its super minimal with no jewelry and very simple makeup.


Hope you enjoy this new series!

A Day at Hermann Park

Yesterday my sisters and I spent a few hours at Hermann Park. It's been such great weather here in
Houston, so we're definitely taking advantage of the sun! Here are a few snaps I managed to take!!


Gingham Galore

Every Spring/Summer we see gingham becoming a huge hit. The pattern itself is darling and fits perfectly in withthe season.  I've seen gingham in almost every store I've shopped at in the past month or so. I have my eye on a few dresses and those pink shorts! With it being a 'big trend' here are a few afforable pieces that I'm loving!!


A Look for Rodeo Houston

If there's one thing I look forward to every year, it's definetly Rodeo season!!The food, concerts, carnival, people, and atmosphere are amazing. It's really hard to explain the feeling of it all, but it's really something. Last year,I was able to attend two concerts and a few times to the carnival and I had a blast, you can read more about that here and here. It's something that me and my family have attened for years, one years I even got free tickets to see the Jonas Brothers!! If anyone finds themself in Houston during March, do go to Rodeo Houston!! It will not dissapoint!!!  

*P.S. everything I'm wearing is really old, but I'll try to link similar items*


Weekly Rundown No. 36

Happy first Friday in March!! It's officially my birth month and the b-day countdown in on๐Ÿ˜Ž This week was pretty fun and Spring Break is coming soon, so that's exciting!! Here's my weekly rundown!

I've been loving cute hair accessories like these types of headband, hopefully, I can snag a few up for spring and summer!

This week I started rewatching The Carrie Diaries and I forgot how much I LOVE IT!! If you need a new show to watch, I definitely recommend!! 

love love love this insta!! Jaci is the cutest person!

LOVE these sandals!!! Such a cute neutral sandal for the spring/summer time!

Adding this dress to my cart!

You might've seen me talking about these shoes on my instastories and I love them. They're so light and airy! 

OHMYGOSH! Seeing these two together is just ahhh! Kristen is gorg as always and Mackenzie looks sooo grown up! 

Today I have a FAB shopping social and a pretty lowkey weekend, but hopefully, I'll get to shoot if the weather holds up! In the meantime, see ya later!

February 2018 Recap

Happy March 1st!!! I'm especially stoked that it's March not only because of spring break but also because it's my birth month!!! Yep, the birthday countdown has officially started! March 30th WYA?? To say hello to March, I thought it would be fun to share a quick recap of what went on in February!

Who knew this semester I'd spend all my days at school. I don't really mind it but I have those days where being at school from 10 am -8 pm gettings really tiring. I've loved spending my days in front of the fountains! 

My aunt and uncle hosted a fun Super Bowl party! All of my family was there and it was fun cheering on the Eagles as well as watching that awesome halftime show

Valentines was really lowkey. I had class until 4 pm and came home to a sweet surprise, my favorite macarons!! 

February brought a lot of shopping, well window shopping. There's so many cute spring/summer arrivals and I can't wait for this wintry weather to die down so I can finally wear cute dresses and sandals! 

Here's to March!!