Websites for the College Gal

I've invested a whole lot of time into blogging and reading other blogs, as well as finding new sites and blogs to follow. Over the years I come to love some websites more than others, and eventually, I've found websites that are just hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Being a college blogger is much harder than I would have ever thought it to be but it's been fun! Well, I've found a few websites that have empowered me to do so much more with my life. I care so deeply about empowering other women, and wanting everyone to feel like they belong, and finding a 'safe space' to share and read articles is pretty awesome! Below are only the few that I know and love and I hope you will too!

The Every Girl ranges in articles from career & finances, fashion, wellness, travel and more! This website has everything I love!! It's extremely easy to navigate and find relatable articles, and no pun intended, but this site is made for 'every girl'. 

College Fashionista is such a well-known website for college girls. So many of my friends and peers follow for fashion and career advice. What I really love about CF is that there are individual 'chapters' for colleges/universities. You can apply to be a style guru for your school which is fun! 

HerCampus is such a fun/unique website. What makes them different from the others I've talked about is that the  HerCampus platform is used to give college women the tools and resources to be successful in the 'real world'. HC offers 360+ collegiate chapters nationwide, meaning that there are individual writers and HC members at your school. Along with HerCampus, the brand has so many more programs, The InfluenceHer Collective, high school ambassadors, College Fashion Week, and more! 

I'm a newbie when it comes to The Lala. Like the other sites, it's a lifestyle site for college women. You can also apply to be a writer and content ranges from career, health, tech, fashion and everything in between!

You might recognize Tribe Twenty One from Twitter and Insta, I know that where I found this fun site!You can search the site writer, high school or college content, finance and money and etc.There's also free budget trackers and other useful printable as well as resources!

I check all of these websites for new articles about each week or so and it's really nice to have websites like these to bring fun, relevant articles to light. If you happen to stumble across any other sites like these let me know!



  1. I'm so glad you featured the Lala. I found them from this blog post, and they look so cool!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed!! It's such a cool website that covers pretty much everything!