One Year


Whether you just started reading, or been following along with me since day one, thank you for being here! Along my wild blogging journey (I'll get into that later in this post) I've chatted with amazing bloggers, found fabulous mentors, truely had a ball creating content, I've also learned a few lessons here and there! 

Blogging has been a true blessing to me. Through social media and the blog-mosphere I've found my career choice and I've never felt more like myself and who I'm supposed to me. Growning up, I LOVED fashion and dressing up. So naturally starting a fashion blog was a simple and easy decision to make. This blog, my litter corner of the internet is where I feel 100% comfortable in sharing anything. I've shared my style, what kinda of music i'm listening to that month, and even get personal about school.  I've loved sharring my life on here!!!

So you may (or may not) recall, that towrds the end of 2016 I completly re-branded my blog. In 2014/2015 I started blogging at A Flower In the Rough to go along with my then tumblr blog. oh man! this blog was kinda a hot mess, I was just writing about anything I wanted. I remeber specifically blogging about prom dress shopping and how I kinda hated the dress I picked out but never spoke to my mom about returning it and getting a new one! At that time it was just cute and funny and I didn't know what I was getting into!

 Then 2016 came and it was time for little makeover. At this time I got a nice, clean blog template and re named the blog The Lonestar Prep. I blogged for about a year under this new name, but I wasn't feeling it. I knew that having 'prep' in my blog name was going to restrict anything that wasn't considered 'preppy' on my blog and looking back I wasnt even 'preppy'!lol! So the end of 2016, there I am stressing about a new blog name. I think I went through two or three otptions before choosing The Lonestar Darling! 

For some reason, when I re-branded to The Lonestar Darling, I decided that when I started blogging I would start from scracth! So I found the template I have now, made a complete new logo and brand. I set a schedule of when I would post and the rest is history! 

So here I am one year later and I love blogging! It's taught me to stay true to myself and be orignial, to ignore the little voice in my head that says I'm a big fat failure, I've learned that no matter how hard you work, there's going to be someone better than you and it's okay. I've learned so much and at the end of the day I don't care about numbers and stats, I care about fashion and thats not gonna change. So here's to another year!! HBD THE LONESTAR DARLING!


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