Vacation on my Mind

With Spring Break less than two weeks away, it's pretty normal to feel the need for a fun, tropical vacay. I'm soooover sweaters, jeans, boots, and adding layers and am completely ready for fun in the sun!! In today's post, I've hunted some cute and affordable resort wear perfect for any Spring Break destination!

I'm so ready for Spring Break, are you???!

Weekly Rundown No. 35

Hello, again Friday!!! Like every other week, it's been a long, rainy week. But I'm back again to share what's been on my radar this week. Here's my weekly rundown!

DYING over these shoes😍

Mentally invested in the recovery of sweet Lola, Dani you are the nicest, human being everrrrr

Still skeptical about ordering from SheIn like me?? Well Kate's sharing a few tips when it comes to ordering from the overseas online store

Also loving this darling number from Millie at the Brits earlier this week

Added these beauties to my cart within seconds! 

Happy weekend friends!!

Websites for the College Gal

I've invested a whole lot of time into blogging and reading other blogs, as well as finding new sites and blogs to follow. Over the years I come to love some websites more than others, and eventually, I've found websites that are just hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Being a college blogger is much harder than I would have ever thought it to be but it's been fun! Well, I've found a few websites that have empowered me to do so much more with my life. I care so deeply about empowering other women, and wanting everyone to feel like they belong, and finding a 'safe space' to share and read articles is pretty awesome! Below are only the few that I know and love and I hope you will too!

The Every Girl ranges in articles from career & finances, fashion, wellness, travel and more! This website has everything I love!! It's extremely easy to navigate and find relatable articles, and no pun intended, but this site is made for 'every girl'. 

College Fashionista is such a well-known website for college girls. So many of my friends and peers follow for fashion and career advice. What I really love about CF is that there are individual 'chapters' for colleges/universities. You can apply to be a style guru for your school which is fun! 

HerCampus is such a fun/unique website. What makes them different from the others I've talked about is that the  HerCampus platform is used to give college women the tools and resources to be successful in the 'real world'. HC offers 360+ collegiate chapters nationwide, meaning that there are individual writers and HC members at your school. Along with HerCampus, the brand has so many more programs, The InfluenceHer Collective, high school ambassadors, College Fashion Week, and more! 

I'm a newbie when it comes to The Lala. Like the other sites, it's a lifestyle site for college women. You can also apply to be a writer and content ranges from career, health, tech, fashion and everything in between!

You might recognize Tribe Twenty One from Twitter and Insta, I know that where I found this fun site!You can search the site writer, high school or college content, finance and money and etc.There's also free budget trackers and other useful printable as well as resources!

I check all of these websites for new articles about each week or so and it's really nice to have websites like these to bring fun, relevant articles to light. If you happen to stumble across any other sites like these let me know!


Weekly Rundown No. 34

Hi friends!!! It's been a fun couple of days in and I'm excited to share some stuff that happened this week with y'all!!

First things first, I attended a woman's entrepreneurship pannel featuring some of Houston's amazing blogger!! I was super excited because my fave blogger ( & UH grad!!) was one of the panelists! It was inspiring to hear Margaret's story and wise words when it comes to blogging! 

I joined a club!!! You might recall in my 'This Semester I will...' post that I wanted to branch out and make some friends and join a club! Well, I did it! I joined fashion and business (FAB) and I love getting the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who have a passion for fashion! So far I've been to a few meetings, but I'm loving it so far!

LOFT (my fave store!!) is having a 40% off sale and y'all, I may have put too much in my cart including this skirt!!

Looking for some cute (not HUNTER) rainboots??? Well look no further, I shared my top picks from Joules over in this post! 

I've officially started planning content for Spring + I'm shooting a HUGE project in the next couple of days! Look out for some fun content coming soon!

Last weekend my sister convinced me to download an app called SongPop 2. It's basically timed, guess this song kinda game. It's super fun and I love playing with my sisters and randos that challenge me! Go give it a download and let me know what you think! 

Forever 21 is killin it in the print department!

That's all I have for this week!

Casual Rainy Day Outift

Hi friends! Since it was pretty rainy and foggy out, I decided to dress v casual for Wednesday classes. This is something that super comfy and easy to throw on! I paired this old jersey material pullover with my favorit jeans and my super cute Joules rain boots!! My exact pair is sold out on😢but I've linked a whole bunch of other cute designs!! P.s. yes I took these in a public bathroom lol #noshameinthegame

These fun patterened rainboots will make you happy on any rainy day!!

Weekly Rundown No.33

Hi friends! Happy FRI-YAY!!! So many fun things happened this week and I can't wait to share them soon!! It was also pretty crazy with school, I'm about 2 chapters behind in my entrepreneurship class and y'all I have no motivation to read the book, it's so terrible😩However, here are a few things that I've been loving this week!!!

I started watching Gilmore Girls again and everytime watch it, I get really into it all over again!!

Forever wishing it was S U M M E R with this darling swimsuit

I've loved reading fun, interesting articles on this site. If you love (even studying) fashion these articles are a must have to keep up to date with new changes! 

Such a good post from Carly!

Need a fun dessert for a galentines party?! Look no further!

LOVING this outfit from Rachel!!

Create & Cultivate AUSTIN!! Can't wait!

Cheers to the weekend!

DIY Valentines Card

I'm a sucker for cute v-day cards! In elementary and middle school I'd alway get  excited when we had parties in class and everyone would hand out their cards. Just writing about this makes me kinda miss those days!  Well, I got creative and decided to make my own cards . P.s. let's just ignore the fact that I used the wrong 'your' oops!

I think they all turned out so fun and cute! I think my favorite would either be the watercolor love or the Leslie to my Ann becuase #parks&recsforlife !!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post!

One Year


Whether you just started reading, or been following along with me since day one, thank you for being here! Along my wild blogging journey (I'll get into that later in this post) I've chatted with amazing bloggers, found fabulous mentors, truely had a ball creating content, I've also learned a few lessons here and there! 

Blogging has been a true blessing to me. Through social media and the blog-mosphere I've found my career choice and I've never felt more like myself and who I'm supposed to me. Growning up, I LOVED fashion and dressing up. So naturally starting a fashion blog was a simple and easy decision to make. This blog, my litter corner of the internet is where I feel 100% comfortable in sharing anything. I've shared my style, what kinda of music i'm listening to that month, and even get personal about school.  I've loved sharring my life on here!!!

So you may (or may not) recall, that towrds the end of 2016 I completly re-branded my blog. In 2014/2015 I started blogging at A Flower In the Rough to go along with my then tumblr blog. oh man! this blog was kinda a hot mess, I was just writing about anything I wanted. I remeber specifically blogging about prom dress shopping and how I kinda hated the dress I picked out but never spoke to my mom about returning it and getting a new one! At that time it was just cute and funny and I didn't know what I was getting into!

 Then 2016 came and it was time for little makeover. At this time I got a nice, clean blog template and re named the blog The Lonestar Prep. I blogged for about a year under this new name, but I wasn't feeling it. I knew that having 'prep' in my blog name was going to restrict anything that wasn't considered 'preppy' on my blog and looking back I wasnt even 'preppy'!lol! So the end of 2016, there I am stressing about a new blog name. I think I went through two or three otptions before choosing The Lonestar Darling! 

For some reason, when I re-branded to The Lonestar Darling, I decided that when I started blogging I would start from scracth! So I found the template I have now, made a complete new logo and brand. I set a schedule of when I would post and the rest is history! 

So here I am one year later and I love blogging! It's taught me to stay true to myself and be orignial, to ignore the little voice in my head that says I'm a big fat failure, I've learned that no matter how hard you work, there's going to be someone better than you and it's okay. I've learned so much and at the end of the day I don't care about numbers and stats, I care about fashion and thats not gonna change. So here's to another year!! HBD THE LONESTAR DARLING!


Weekly Rundown No. 32

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Ugh, I can't explain how much I 💓Friday's! I'll be on campus today but I don't mind it one bit!! I am well ready for the weekend. It's been such a fun week and omygosh I totally forgot that It's FEBRUARY!!! 

Anyone else obsessed with home decor?? I love the look of this San Fran appartment😍

how fun would these be for spring?!?!
guys, my 13-year-old self is jumping for joy!! lol can't wait to see new designs from this iconic brand

How GORGEOUS does Sarah Belle look in this fun post!?!?? 

Since my 22nd birthday is coming up, I decided to make a bday wishlist. You can check it out here!

V magazine's class of 2018 is exciting! 

Read this if you're wondering what it's like to be an influencer while in school

Kinda obsessed with these

Thanks for reading! See ya next week!!