Weekly Rundown No. 31

Happy Friday! This week has been so busy filled with multiple assignments and readings but I'm really happy to be back on campus and learning new things.  I've also been brainstorming posts for the blog and trying to take me photos for insta which is always fun!

This fun post from Amber of Barefoot Blonde

This backpack has been on my radar for days now! It's just so pretty!!

I heard about this app earlier this week and I'm tempted to try it out! Anyone else heard of it? It's basically tinder for girls and you get to meet fun girl friends!

I've gotten so into watercoloring and I absolutely love it! I'm thinking of buying these so I can get a nice stroke when doing watercolor calligraphy

This Spring semester is now in full swing! I'm loving being back on campus!

This sweater looks like it'll be the perfect sweater to throw on and go

I just finished up watching Manolo: The Boy who Made Shoes for Lizards on Netflix and it was so good. I love watching these informative fashion documentaries!

Have a fun filled weekend!


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