This semester I will...

For all my college babes out there do you ever feel like every semester comes and goes and you still haven't done what you wanted to accomplish? For instance, I've always been shy and too scared to join clubs or even talk to other people in class. Sometimes when I really think about this, I always feel like I'm alone and no one will get where I'm coming from. Sometimes I don't even know if this all makes sense. 

One thing I vowed to myself when I started blogging was to be 100% authentic and real, never post just the good, but also the in-between and the bad. And sometimes I feel like my problems aren't worthy of sharing, so naturally, I'll keep them locked inside my head and refuse to talk about them. But this 'method' isn't the best. 

Back in November, I started writing and listing all the things I want to accomplish this year and semester. I called it my 'I will' list, I'm not sure that this is a real thing, but I made it real for me. I'll be sharing my list with you today and a bit of background for some of them.

  • JOIN A CLUB / ORGANIZATION  - Ever since I started coming to UH I've always wanted to be apart of a group. When I'd walk on campus, I would see the sorority girls and either friend groups or clubs and you can just tell that they were involved in some sort of campus involvement.  So naturally, I'm challenging my shy/awkward self to join at least ONE club or organization. 

  • BRANCH OUT - Let's be honest, I'm not the most outgoing person.  My first semester at university, I made a small friend group with some nice girls. It's been fun having a quaint group of friends, and it reminds me of me in high school. This semester I want to branch out. Make a few friends here and there in all of my classes. I think it'll be good to have various relationships with classmates.
  •  FIND THE PERFECT CHILL / STUDY SPOT - My schedule for this semester is C.R.A.Z.Y. Monday I'll be in school from 10 A.M -8:30 P.M.  Like any sane person, I had to give myself a few breaks in between classes since it's gonna be such a long day, so I think I have one 2 hour break and one half hour break before my night class. So I'll be searching for the perfect spot to study and spend any free time I may have!

  •  VISIT MY ADVISOR MORE - TBH, I hate meeting with my advisor. I'll do whatever I can to avoid going to talk with my advisor. I honestly think the last time I talked to my advisor it was at the new transfer student orientation...3 years ago! So, of course, I'm sure it's time to visit my advisor more. 

  • STAY ORGANIZED WITH NOTES/ CLASSWORK - I'm not the most organized person when it comes to taking notes and storing class handouts. Most of my handwritten notes look crazy and last semester I completely gave up on trying to take notes in one class because I was too annoyed with my 'technique'. So this semester, I really want to work on notetaking and just staying organized. I've already started a new (clean and neat) method of taking notes!

Anyone else barely starting the spring 2018 semester?! I'm pretty pumped about it!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I always find that my backpack has unnecessary items by the end of the semester. I'd like to take more of an effort into cleaning out my backpack every few weeks this semester.