Dear 2018

Dear 2018, 

Thank you for all the memories, love, laughter, the good and the bad days. This year I learned about myself, I learned and lived, I made mistakes, I listened to my guts, I trusted myself, & most of all I put all my faith in God. I learned that things don't always go as planned and that I can't control everything. I learned that the world isn't as nice and the skies aren't always blue. I learned that it's okay to cry and it's okay to have bad days. There's rain before the rainbow, right?

Holiday PJs

Who else loves a good Chrsitmas themed PJ set?!?! I know I do! 
Every year I look foward to getting matching pjs with my family! It's so fun to mix and match different sayings and patterns. Below are a few cute pjs that I found online.

Cozy & Cute

The weather has been so out of whack these last few weeks. One day it'll be in the 40s and the next its in the 70s. I usually stay cold so you can always find me all cozy in my wubby pullover.

36 Things that Make me Happy

It's always important to find happiness. Whether it's ovbious like your family & friends or in the smallest, most insignificant things like glitter and sunflowers. Here are 36 things that make me happy!

 May you find happiness in all things! Thanks for reading friends.

5 Favorites

1. Velvet Bow Scrunchies- I hopped on the scrunchies train and I'm not disappointed. It's so easy to throw the top layer of my new shorter hair into a cute little pony or top knot and with these scrunchies, it gives the overall look a little more oomph. Mine are from Free People but so many retailers carry scrunchies now! 

2. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater- This sweater is currently in the cart and I need to purchase it asap! Once it gets cooler I love the look of turtlenecks. Although they can look a little 80s/90s esque, I like to wear mine with so chunky hoops and either leggings or jeans for a cool girl look.

3. Glitter rainboots - I didn't need another pair of rainboots, but as usual I love anything that sparkles and these caught my eye. Although they are glittery, they're still easy to wear because of the style and color. 

4. Tortoiseshell Earrings- These types of earrings have been everywhere this season. I picked up a few from Forever 21 all under $10.

5. Fleece Pullover- This isn't the exact brand as the one that I have but I literally live in this pullover once it gets cooler. It pretty much feels like your wrapped in a fuzzy, soft blanket. 

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know some of your favorites too! Let me know down below.

Tuesday Ramblings

 ~ get yourself a snack and let's chat real quick~
It's been a few weeks since I've shared anything on here, and it's not because I had nothing to post it's pretty simple got real crazy. I started a new job (plus I'll share what I think of it all down below), school is kicking my butt and it just occurred to me that there are 2 weeks left in the semester and tbh I'm always so busy now that I just don't feel like sitting down and writing something. This probably sounds like a lousy excuse that every college blogger says but it's true.

Fall Wishlist

Since we are in full Fall mood over here on The Lonestar Darling, I thought it would be fun to share my Fall Wishlist. These are just a handful of items that I want to add to my closet and would be perfect for cooler temps!

Thanks for Reading! 

Fall Playlist

Hey y'all! In today's post I thought I'd share a few songs that I'm currently listening to! If you give any of them a listen let me know what you think and if you have a song that your obsessed with let me know!

Thanks for Reading!

Fall Trends that I'm Loving

Hi guys! To officially kick off fall here on The Lonestar Darling I'm sharing a few of the fall trends that I'm loving. As we all know, trends can come and go and I've seen a few that I'm not the biggest fan of and there are some that I'm low key obsessed with. I'll be sure to link the ones I'm loving and make sure to let me know which trends you love too! Enjoy!!

 1.) Baker's Boy Hat

Okay, I know what your thinking because I was thinking the exact same thing last year, but guys it's kinda grown on me and I love it!! I've tried on a few from Topshop and Forever 21 and I think they are super cute.

2.) Animal Prints
Aminal prints are all the rage right now. I'm mostly a fan of snake (which I've never really loved before but hello snake print boots!) and leopard prints. I've seen a ton of snake print everywhere and leopard print is a classic fall staple!

3.) Camo everything

Honestly I used to HATE camo..I didn't think it was cute and fashionable until I started eyeing these types of camo jackets and even now with comfy sweaters/sweatshirts that are perfect for leggings and lazy days!

4.) Logo Overload
I know that I'm not the only one seeing logo overload everywhere. I definetly don't hate it (hello Gucci) but I can say that I'm a simple gal, so I like a minimal approach to this trend. Ps. I'd totally link some fab designer stuff but I don't have that kinda $$$ lol so here are some cute pieces that wont break the bank.

5.)  Plaid
TBH I've always liked plaid. I'm a product of private education and I practically lived in a plaid skirt up until 17. In high school I wore a blazer, an oxford, tie and skirt (btw I should share high school photos lol) oh and my cute loafers. So when it comes to plaid, I'm not mad (sorry I just had too!!)

Thanks for reading!

Crushing on Yellow

Lately I've been drawn to yellows and pinky rose colors for this time of year,whichfor me is totally norm since I try not to wear super dark colors. When out (window) shopping I've noticed that these colors are everywhere and pretty much anywhere! Today I'm sharing my favorite mellow yellow pieces would be perfect for when the temperature starts to dip.

Here are some other yellow pieces that I'm loving:

Planner Talk Part 2: My Favorite Planner Supplies

You saw and read that I recently purchased a new planner last week, so now let's talk about my favorite planner supplies. Since I'm big on color coding, I have probably too many colored pens but oh well! lol!! I also love decorating my planner with doodles and stickers etc. Here are some of my favorite supplies!

My all time, hands down, favorite pens are the Pilot Juice Pens ballpoint pens. I saw someone doing a plan with me on youtube and saw these pens in action and I knew that I needed them, so the same day I ordered this pack on Amazon. I believe they are from Japan and shipping was a little over a week. They are a 0.5 mm gel ink ballpoint pen and come in 12 colors. They are super fine, don't smear or bleed through paper which is always a plus when writing in my planner.

I also love these fineliners that I've had for a while. I picked them up from Michaels and they're great for planners since the colors are vivid and don't smear or bleed through. I've yet to try Stabilo or other nicer brands. They get the job done and aren't crazy priced.

Even though I mostly use my Pilot juice pens, I also love classic gel pens. I like using the Pilot G2 gel pens. These are pretty nice to use, but I always find them smearing and the ink seems to skip which I'm not a big fan of.

Another pen brand I love is Le Pen. I only have a black and pink pen but they are so nice! Again, they're great for planners!

A few years ago I used a Happy Planner, which is amazing for crafty people!!! I loved decorating each spread and making it super adorable and cute! I think during that time I got really into planner stickers and washi tape! Even though I don't use a Happy Planner, I still use my Happy Planner Sticker Books. You can purchase them at Michaels or at

I'm also a big fan of washi tape and I'm kinda sad that I haven't stocked up on some new designs. I picked up a fun vibrant pack of 5 tapes a year or two ago and I just finished them all, so I definitely need to stock up on some more!

I try to keep everything 'minimal' and try not to go overboard with different supplies. I'd say that my most used items are definitely the juice pens, stickers and maybe some highlighters to cross things off and to add some bright colors to my planner. Like I mentioned in part 1, my planner is pretty bare still but I'm having fun slowly adding in fun & important dates and getting to decorate it! Let me know if there's anything you'd want me to show/feature on Planner Talk in the future!

Thanks for Reading!

Weekly Rundown No. 42

Hey y'all! I'm back today with yet another weekly rundown! Honestly, I took a break from these posts because I wasn't feeling it and with these posts I try to share things that I genuinely love. Here are a few things that I've been loving this week!

I love Refinery 29 and I've been watching this youtube series, "Lucie For Hire", where R29's video producer and lifestly host Lucie Fink tryies out different careers. I've pretty much seen all of the videos and was super excited to see the newest video ,"Lucie trains like an Influencer".  Lucie and Courtney (blogger of colormecoutrney) get together and talk about what goes on behind the scenes as a big influencer.

Despite what my insta and blog look like, I am 110% ready for fall and cooler weather, so natuarally I'm starting to add transition pieces and more fall apropriate items to my closet. With that being said I am on the HUNT for these shoes! I saw them a few weeks ago on Pinterest and ever since I see them atleast once a day and I think they would be the cutests little shoes for fall!

Since we're on the topic of shoes, how adorable are these flats? They are just under $30 which is a pretty reasonable price!

I can kinda feel that my style is somewhat changing into cool, wanna be chic but still look cute and comfy (is that a thing...idk) and so I'm a little obsesed with Madewell right now and smaller boutique like Luca and Grae

If your a Houstonian, there's soooo many cute bars and restaurants popping up right now!! I've been dying to go to Truckyard and Present Company 

I recently hit 1,000 followers on insta and I couldn't be more happier!! Thank you friends, I love y'all<3

Happy *almost* weekend!

Planner Talk Part 1: My New Planner

I loooove me some planning and I recently purchased a brand new planner for the upcoming school year, so I'm really excited to start filling it and decorating it in the next few weeks! TBH I'm not *too* picky about the layout, for me, a good planner has to have big enough boxes to write everything in & a monthly spread. Any planner that has those two "requirement" is a good enough planner for me. This is just preference but I'm a sucker for anything cute and girly and chances are I'll end up with a cute patterned planner than a boring one!

With all that being said, let's look my current planner. Like I said, I purchased this a few weeks ago so It's a little empty and boring on the inside but give me a few weeks and It'll be all colorful and cute. So this is my planner!! I purchased it from Marshalls for $ 7.99, which is a STEAL! I don't think I've ever spent less than $20 on a planner.  It's a 17-month planner (it'll last Fall 18, Spring 19 and Fall 19 semesters) from August 2018-December 2019. Like any other planner, it has 2019 Holidays and 2018/2019 year at a glance. After that, the monthly layouts begin. Even though I really love this planner and the layout, I do wish that the monthly spread was in front of the weekly spread. Instead, this planner has all monthly spreads (Aug 2017-Dec 2019) taking up a nice chunk of the planner, and then the weekly spreads start.

After all the weekly spreads, there are some fun pages such as a To-Do & Not-To-Do List, budget tracker, bucket list and 4 pages for extra grid paper perfect for notes! It also comes with a pageful of adorable stickers! 

Okay, so that's my planner! I'm really excited to start writing and decorating it now that I've shared it with y'all. Part 2 of Planner Talk should be up later this week / early next week and I'll be going over my favorite pens and supplies to use in my planner!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my new planner!

The Nordstrom Sale + What's Worth it

Hey y'all! I originally wasn't gonna post anything from the N Sale since so many other bloggers post about it, but I thought I'd share what I would get if I was shopping it and what's really worth it. I don't usually shop at Nordstrom (except that time I saved up $$$ and bought myself a Longchamp) and I've never shopped the sale. Even though I won't shop the sale there are still a few pieces that are priced really good and have caught my eye. 

Today is also special since the sale is open up to the public. These last few weeks, the sale has only been open up to cardholders and buy beware things have been selling out FAST. If you plan on shopping today, be ready to snag what you want just in case things sell out. 

These are my picks and if I was shopping, these are items I'd definitely get. 


I am the worst at picking up basic tees. I have so many cute blouses but hardly any solid tees that I can wear with jeans, shorts etc. The solid tops are both under $20 while the stripe belle sleeve is $22.90.


Online there are 7 pages just under the outerwear tab. Sooo many different options at various price points! I'd definitely snag the first two cardigans since they're both pretty simple and basic.


The shoe section was pretty good. These are the only pairs that I would really get again if I was shopping the sale, It's the perfect time to pick up some new boots and booties for the fall as well as some Hunters!


Again there's a ton of great accessories with even better prices. After looking through all the pages I've narrowed it down to only three pieces and I think each piece is great. I want a new wallet and the Tory mini wallet is adorable and the sale price is pretty good for the brand. The same goes for the other pieces.

So you're probably asking, well what's actually worth it? Since everything is new and there aren't any last season products, everything is priced pretty well especially designer pieces. From what I've seen, I would say the Tory Burch bags are gonna be a hit, Hunter boots are crazy good priced, and if you love dresses and Self-Portrait get you some gorgeous dresses because they hardly go on sale!

Again, there are so many things that are well worth their sale price. In my opinion, these are the best-priced items and products that I'd splurge on.

Happy Shopping!

Summer Shoes

As much as I love clothes, I think I love shoes and accessories more. You could have the most basic, simple outfit ever but when you add some killer accessories, that's what makes the outfit stand out. Adding your own flair and style is what I love about fashion and finding out what you like and looks good on you. Today on The Lonestar Darling, I'm sharing five shoes that are perfect for Summer!


These TB Miller sandals have been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm really loving this rose gold color! Also who doesn't love a casual slide? This pair from BP. is perfect for summer and also a great transition into fall!

Thanks for Reading!

Weekly Rundown No. 41

Happy Happy Friday! Like always I'm super pumped and excited for this weekend! I don't have any plans yet, but those types of weekends always end up really fun and exciting! In today's Weekly Rundown I'll be sharing some fun stuff I found on the internet and some new shows that I've recently started watching. I hope you enjoy!


I recently started watching Queer Eye and it's AMAZING! It truely is such a beautiful show and I can't be obsessed with the fab 5 anymore than I already am 

So many cute arrivals at Francesca's! I'm loving this top

I've been using my Clarisonic Mia for a few days now and I flipping love it!You can read more about my thoughts on it here 

CANNOT WAIT!!! Creative & Cultivate x Houston is later this month and I'm too excited to attend 

I also started watching Life Sentence on netflix. It's about living your life to the fullest and It's pretty good so far!
UGH SHE'S JUST BEAUTIFUL! I am living for these photos of Lili<3 

Me and my good friend Emily from The Monogrammed Em started a blog group chat! Let either me or her know that you wanna join and we'll add you!

This rounds up another week! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Red, White & Blue Picks

Hey y'all! With the fourth right around the corner, I thought I'd gather up some cute red, white & blue pieces that are perfect for any backyard bbq or fireworks by the beach.


Do you have your outfit picked and ready to go for the 4th?

#AD: Clear Skin with Clarisonic

 Thank you Clarisonic & Her Campus Media for Sponsoring today's post 
 All thoughts & opinions are my own

Let's talk about acne, shall we? June is acne awareness month and I've teamed up with Clarisonic & Her Campus InfluenceHer Collective to share how I get I get clear skin, and how you can too!
I've always been so lucky with my skincare; growing up I never had bad acne, just a few blemishes here and there and they didn't stop me from being myself. However, having clear skin was always a lust, like many people do.

Clarisonic has been so kind to send over a few goodies for me to try out: Mia 1 Device + Cleansing Brush Head, Acne Cleansing Brush Head and Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser. If you want to get your hands on these amazing products be sure to use HERCAMPUS for 15% of any purchase on (valid 6/1-7/15) plus how awesome would this be for a gift?!!

Let me start this review by saying that this device is so user-friendly and easy to use, which is always a plus! Right out of the packaging you get the Mia 1 Device, Radiance brush head, and charger! Clarisonic also sent over an additional Acne Cleansing brush head and Pore & Blemish Gel Cleanser which is great to fight against acne! Before using the device be sure to charge it for 24 hours (I charged mine overnight and it was ready to use the next morning). Have I mentioned that with one charge you get 80-100 uses when fully charged - I basically haven't charged it for a week!

I cannot rave anymore about how smooth and glowy my skin feels after using my Mia 1 Device! Becuase Clarisonic pretty much covers all skin concerns its easy to customize what you need by adding on different brush heads and cleansers for your concerns and skin type. I tend to have oily skin and a few blemishes here are there and after using the Pore & Blemish cleaner with the acne cleanser brush head I could see a difference.

Overall I really enjoy my Clarisonic, and I use it pretty much every day, twice a day. I also like that it’s a nice compact size, which makes it easy to take away with you traveling! While they are pricey, at $130 it really is just the price of two facials, and the price justifies for the results.

Along with fast results, it's no wonder why Clarisonic is the #1 cleansing device brand in the US and is 6x better at cleaning than using hands. Let that sink in...6X BETTER!!! For the past 10 days, I've used my Mia both in the morning and night and it's made all the difference! If your considering switching up your skincare routine, do it right and get yourself a Clarisonic device! Be sure to use the code "HERCAMPUS" for 15% off your Clarisonic Purchase (valid until 7/15/2018).

Be sure to shop Clarisonic HERE and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!
Thank you again, Clarisonic & Her Campus for Sponsoring this post!