Weekly Rundown No. 26

Happy Friday friends, what is everyone up to this weekend? I've got work and I have to finish wrapping gifts. I'm also done with this semester, #BLESS! I'm so excited to be on break and just relax.

I recently subscribed to Refinery29s youtube channel, and I love this series from Lucy Fink

I am soooo into New Girl right now. I've already seen the series a few times but it's always fun to re-watch it

I always look forward to the Google year in search. Here is this year

Love this gift guide from Dorothy. I've seen so many gift guides this year, but I guess it's just all the products that make me really like this one!

I've been on winter break for 2 weeks already, but for those who just finished their exams here are 10 things to do during break!

This is such a trendy, cool girl outfit! Love it!

I'm sharing some fun and exciting content on the blog next week, so be on the lookout for that!Until then, Happy Weekend!


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