Weekly Rundown No. 24

Hey y'all! Happy Friday and December 1st! This week was a complete whirlwind of emotions and stress for me. All of my final exams opened this week and I was determined to get them all done early so that I can focus on the most important, stressful project due at the end of the week. Well that didn't really happen. In the middle of one of my exams my laptop froze and went crazy on me so I didn't finish that exam, instead I had to take the grade anyway #bummer. I just have one exam that opens next week so I'll be sure to go to campus to take that one. Anyways when do you go on break? Enough with my rambling, here's another Weekly Rundown!

Love this setup for a Christmas Party

I came across this video on youtube and I couldn't stop ugly crying

Annnd I pretty obsessed with the couple and their instas (hers and his)

Here's to the Instagram Boyfriend

How perfect would these be for a chic holiday look?

It's hard to shop for someone who doesn't want anything. Well Dani's gotchu!

I am soo close to ending the semester, just one more exam stands in the way!

Happy Weekend!


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