The Best Gifts I've Recieved

Welcome to another Blogmas post! Tomorrow's Christmas!! Can you believe it?! In today's post, I thought it would be fun to look back on the past years and talk about the best Christmas gift's I've received.  In no way am I bragging about the gift's that I've received, I just thought it would be fun to share with y'all.

Hands down the #1 best gift I've received were my Tory Burch Reva Flats. I think it was Christmas of 2011 or 2012 and at that time I was just starting my obsession with Gossip Girl. It was no help that I was just discovering my sense of style and I was really getting into designer brands. For the longest time I had been asking for these flats and sometime during December my dad came home with a Nordstrom bag and I was soo excited. Of course, I didn't know what was in the bag, but I just had this feeling that it was my Tory Burch flats. I forgot about the incident and went on with life. Then on Christmas eve, my parents gave me a box and low and behold, there were my shoes! As soon as I unwrapped the box, I started to cry!! 5 years later and I still wear these flats!
Before I got into monograms, I really wanted a name necklace. I remember I would go to the website and spend hours designing my name necklace. To this day I'm not sure why I liked having a name plated necklace...I guess I thought it was cool, who knows. My older sister gifted me a silver name necklace and I loved it! I wore it every day and practically never took it off until I took it off and lost it. I really loved the necklace and how personal it was.

Again with gifts that are personalized, last Christmas my parents got all of my sisters matching initial rings. All 4 of us with the exception of my baby sister (she got a charm for her charm bracelet!) have super cute matching rings. It was definitely unexpected and I love how my sisters and I are subtly matching!

Christmas 2010 I was gifted my first cell phone, iPhone 4! It was a really fun gift to open especially since I was entering high school in the new year. Now, this was a gift that I was really surprised to open! On Christmas Eve, I opened up a gift that was written out to me but "mistake" should've been my older sisters. So I open a box of phone cases and my dad specifically was like 'oh no, that's for dee' (my sister) I was like okay, I was confused. At the time my sister had an HTC (lol I had to google popular phones in 2010), and the phone case was iPhone. So I left it alone, and then the next present I open is an iPhone 4. So I'm still confused but then my parents were "surprise, it's for you", and then I got all excited.  I remember at the time I was just generally so happy and excited for my first phone. 

Now, this one is old...10-11 years ago and out of the blue, my grandma gifted me my first camera. Although it was just a point and shoot, I thought I was all fancy and practically took photos or everything. Until this day I even have some embarrassing selfies with this exact camera! I really enjoyed this gift and you could say that I definitely sparked my passion for photography.

Along with the camera, my aunt and uncle gifted me a photo printer. To this day I still use it to print photos and I've loved having it. It's so fun to print out photos from my camera or phone.

Anyone else like it when y'alls family knows exactly what you like and what type of style and clothes you wear? Well over the years my sisters and mom have done a good job shopping for me. Last year my sister gave me a J.Crew necklace that I love and wear so much!

In 2007/2008 both my grandmas gifted my sisters and I a Nintendo Wii console. At the time we were all suprised and excited at the same time. During the year we would all gather around and play Just Dance or a play Wii sports.  Overall it was just a fun gift to get becuase it was nonstop playing with my sisters before we all grow up. Fun fact to this day I still know some dance moves from Just dance. When I'm out with my family or sisters and we hear a song that was on Just Dance, I'll do the moves that were in the game!

What are some of the best gifts you've recieved?


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