Sugar Cookie Recipe

Every year I try to make cute cutout cookies, but fail miserably. I would cut the dough into cute shapes and cross my fingers that they would come out of the oven looking cute and festive. But that was never the case.

 A year later and I'm still trying, this item I've done my research (thank you Pinterest and youtube) and I'm feeling pretty hopeful. 

The recipe is from, she even has a detailed video! There are so many posts out there to claim they are the best recipe but I just went with this one because of how easy and detailed the recipe was.

For these cookies, I had originally wanted to use festive cookies cutters but couldn't find my set for the life of me, so went ahead and just made regular circle cookies. Since it was my first time attempting this recipe, I think I'll definitely try it out again and possibly get a little creative with frosting and sprinkles!

For the icing, I mixed together powdered sugar, milk and vanilla extract. You can get really 'fancy' and use the flooding technique but I just drizzled the icing and quickly added some sprinkles. The icing dries fast, so be sure to work fast!

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