Last Minute Gift Guide

I bet y'all thought I was done with the gift guides, but I'm not entirely. Here's a very last minute gift guide for those extra gifts that you forgot to get. Whether it's a co-worker, distance relative, or even a friend, I'm here to share the perfect last-minute gifts. 

For this gift guide, I wanted to choose items that are easily accessible during this busy season. Right off the bat, gift cards are the easiest gifts to give last minute. You can personalize gifts (places to shop, eat etc.) for whoever you are gifting them too. Another easy last minute gift, cozy socks, and anything tech-based, like a popsocket, plus who doesn't love fuzzy socks? Now, this next one isn't the most budget-friendly, but it makes a pretty awesome gift, an instant camera!



  1. I'd love to get a pair of warm socks. Funky socks would also make a great gift.

    1. I love warm socks! I also get excited for Christmas because I always get so many!!