Vision Board for 2018

Whether you're saving for a tropical getaway or carving out a new career path for yourself, it's been found that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them compared to those who don't. If you're ready to make your dreams a reality, start your year off with a colorful game plan in the form of a vision board. This fun twist on writing down your New Year's resolutions is a great way to help visualize your goals through images and positive affirmations.

Shari's Berries recently shared a complete guide on how to make a vision board for those looking to outline their goals and set their intentions for the upcoming year. From a detailed supply list to finding the perfect place in your home, check out these tips for how to make a vision board worthy of hanging.

With the help of this amazing graphic, I was able to make my own vision board for 2018!

How To Make A Vision Board

Before I gathered my supplies and images, I made a list of goals, dreams, things I want to try, new hobbies etc. that I want to achieve in 2018. This helped me with staying organized through the process. Next up I gathered my supplies- colored pens and markers, washi tape, a few magazines, scissors, glue and of course my cork board!

Before cutting out images and phrases I jotted down a few goals and dreams that I want to work on in the new year. I highly suggest doing the same, this little step helped me with staying cohesive and keeping my board looks nice and clean. With my board, I was able to section it (left and right, top and bottom) and give each section a 'theme'. The top left is just an inspirational phrase and a cute tassel I made. The top right is goals/dreams i.e go see Hamilton, read more, make deans list at school, blogging. The bottom left is travel and the bottom right is style. The whole process was really fun and I loved that I got the chance to sit down and really think about the new year!

Weekly Rundown No. 27

I can't believe it's the last weekly rundown for 2017- oh how time flies!! With the week coming to an end, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and an awesome New Years! Mid week my sisters, mom and I had a quick road trip up north which was really run. With my family on vaction It's been fun to spend some time with them! 


In case you missed blogmas 2017

Santa brought me these cuties & I can't wait to wear them!

I had fun looking back at my favorite posts of the year

I recently started watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and I love it!

How cute is this look! Love it! 

Snatched these mules for only 6 bucks!

Does one really need a glittery bralette ?? YESSSS!

Have amazing NYE plans but no outfit? Check out Hailey Daily for some inspo

Happy Friday!



Favorite blog posts of 2017

With these last few days of 2017, I've been looking back on things I did this year. One of them being re-launching my blog. If you've been following me for a while you might have remembered my old blog, A flower in the Rough. I quickly outgrew that name and struggled to find one that I truly loved and one that felt right, until I landed on The Lonestar darling. Long story short, here we are entering a new year. So much of my life is shared with y'all, so I've rounded up a few of my favorite posts of 2017.
My first post on the new blog!

When I shared my Rodeo experiences with y'all (part 1 & 2)

My welcome back post as The Lonestar Darling

Fourth of July 2017 was a FUN one

This early fall look featuring Rosie

When I got personal about not having any friends in college

That time I chopped off my long locks

2017 was a really good blog year, I hit 100 posts, slowly reaching 800 followers on Instagram and got accepted as a college fashionista style guru for a semester. It was fun, but I can't wait to see what's in store for 2018!


Merry Christmas

We've reached the end of Blogmas 2017, and I had so much fun creating this years holiday content. I hope you enjoyed it too! With it being Christmas day, I hope you've had a good season whether it be giving back to your community or enjoying today with family and friends.  During this joyful time, my family and I also celebrate more than what's underneath our Christmas tree. With that being said...
Have a great day, Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday Jesus!


The Best Gifts I've Recieved

Welcome to another Blogmas post! Tomorrow's Christmas!! Can you believe it?! In today's post, I thought it would be fun to look back on the past years and talk about the best Christmas gift's I've received.  In no way am I bragging about the gift's that I've received, I just thought it would be fun to share with y'all.

Hands down the #1 best gift I've received were my Tory Burch Reva Flats. I think it was Christmas of 2011 or 2012 and at that time I was just starting my obsession with Gossip Girl. It was no help that I was just discovering my sense of style and I was really getting into designer brands. For the longest time I had been asking for these flats and sometime during December my dad came home with a Nordstrom bag and I was soo excited. Of course, I didn't know what was in the bag, but I just had this feeling that it was my Tory Burch flats. I forgot about the incident and went on with life. Then on Christmas eve, my parents gave me a box and low and behold, there were my shoes! As soon as I unwrapped the box, I started to cry!! 5 years later and I still wear these flats!
Before I got into monograms, I really wanted a name necklace. I remember I would go to the website and spend hours designing my name necklace. To this day I'm not sure why I liked having a name plated necklace...I guess I thought it was cool, who knows. My older sister gifted me a silver name necklace and I loved it! I wore it every day and practically never took it off until I took it off and lost it. I really loved the necklace and how personal it was.

Again with gifts that are personalized, last Christmas my parents got all of my sisters matching initial rings. All 4 of us with the exception of my baby sister (she got a charm for her charm bracelet!) have super cute matching rings. It was definitely unexpected and I love how my sisters and I are subtly matching!

Christmas 2010 I was gifted my first cell phone, iPhone 4! It was a really fun gift to open especially since I was entering high school in the new year. Now, this was a gift that I was really surprised to open! On Christmas Eve, I opened up a gift that was written out to me but "mistake" should've been my older sisters. So I open a box of phone cases and my dad specifically was like 'oh no, that's for dee' (my sister) I was like okay, I was confused. At the time my sister had an HTC (lol I had to google popular phones in 2010), and the phone case was iPhone. So I left it alone, and then the next present I open is an iPhone 4. So I'm still confused but then my parents were "surprise, it's for you", and then I got all excited.  I remember at the time I was just generally so happy and excited for my first phone. 

Now, this one is old...10-11 years ago and out of the blue, my grandma gifted me my first camera. Although it was just a point and shoot, I thought I was all fancy and practically took photos or everything. Until this day I even have some embarrassing selfies with this exact camera! I really enjoyed this gift and you could say that I definitely sparked my passion for photography.

Along with the camera, my aunt and uncle gifted me a photo printer. To this day I still use it to print photos and I've loved having it. It's so fun to print out photos from my camera or phone.

Anyone else like it when y'alls family knows exactly what you like and what type of style and clothes you wear? Well over the years my sisters and mom have done a good job shopping for me. Last year my sister gave me a J.Crew necklace that I love and wear so much!

In 2007/2008 both my grandmas gifted my sisters and I a Nintendo Wii console. At the time we were all suprised and excited at the same time. During the year we would all gather around and play Just Dance or a play Wii sports.  Overall it was just a fun gift to get becuase it was nonstop playing with my sisters before we all grow up. Fun fact to this day I still know some dance moves from Just dance. When I'm out with my family or sisters and we hear a song that was on Just Dance, I'll do the moves that were in the game!

What are some of the best gifts you've recieved?


3 Outfits for Christmas

There's nothing better than picking out a Christmas outfit. If you're going to a family gathering or plan on staying home in some cozy PJs, I've got three outfit ideas for you!


I'll see ya back here tomorrow for another day of blogmas!


Festive Playlist

Welcome to day 3 ofBlogmas! In today's posts we've got a ton of songs to start off the 72 hr Christmas countdown! I've inlcuded a few classics (Beach Boys are my fave!, Elvis..duh and Maria Carey, of course!) and a few newbies like the Glee cast and my babe George Ezra! Play these songs while wrapping some last minute gifts, baking some cookies, even getting ready and I know you'll be in a great mood all day!!

I'll see you back here tomorrow at 7:30 a.m CST!


Winter Mood Board

Happy first official day of Winter! Here in Texas, it's finally beginning to feel colder and I'm loving every minute of it! To kick of the official season on Winter, I've put together a fun mood board!


 Photos L-R: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

See ya back here tomorrow for another blogmas post!


Last Minute Gift Guide

I bet y'all thought I was done with the gift guides, but I'm not entirely. Here's a very last minute gift guide for those extra gifts that you forgot to get. Whether it's a co-worker, distance relative, or even a friend, I'm here to share the perfect last-minute gifts. 

For this gift guide, I wanted to choose items that are easily accessible during this busy season. Right off the bat, gift cards are the easiest gifts to give last minute. You can personalize gifts (places to shop, eat etc.) for whoever you are gifting them too. Another easy last minute gift, cozy socks, and anything tech-based, like a popsocket, plus who doesn't love fuzzy socks? Now, this next one isn't the most budget-friendly, but it makes a pretty awesome gift, an instant camera!


5 Days of Blogmas

 Get ready Y'all!

Get ready for 5 Days of Blogmas, aka new daily posts starting December 20th! WOOHOO! Posts will include playlists, outfits, and other fun content to get you ready for Christmas! Be on the lookout for new posts every day starting tomorrow,  December 20th at 7:30 a.m CST! 

I cannot wait to spend the holidays with you! 


Sugar Cookie Recipe

Every year I try to make cute cutout cookies, but fail miserably. I would cut the dough into cute shapes and cross my fingers that they would come out of the oven looking cute and festive. But that was never the case.

 A year later and I'm still trying, this item I've done my research (thank you Pinterest and youtube) and I'm feeling pretty hopeful. 

The recipe is from, she even has a detailed video! There are so many posts out there to claim they are the best recipe but I just went with this one because of how easy and detailed the recipe was.

For these cookies, I had originally wanted to use festive cookies cutters but couldn't find my set for the life of me, so went ahead and just made regular circle cookies. Since it was my first time attempting this recipe, I think I'll definitely try it out again and possibly get a little creative with frosting and sprinkles!

For the icing, I mixed together powdered sugar, milk and vanilla extract. You can get really 'fancy' and use the flooding technique but I just drizzled the icing and quickly added some sprinkles. The icing dries fast, so be sure to work fast!

Weekly Rundown No. 26

Happy Friday friends, what is everyone up to this weekend? I've got work and I have to finish wrapping gifts. I'm also done with this semester, #BLESS! I'm so excited to be on break and just relax.

I recently subscribed to Refinery29s youtube channel, and I love this series from Lucy Fink

I am soooo into New Girl right now. I've already seen the series a few times but it's always fun to re-watch it

I always look forward to the Google year in search. Here is this year

Love this gift guide from Dorothy. I've seen so many gift guides this year, but I guess it's just all the products that make me really like this one!

I've been on winter break for 2 weeks already, but for those who just finished their exams here are 10 things to do during break!

This is such a trendy, cool girl outfit! Love it!

I'm sharing some fun and exciting content on the blog next week, so be on the lookout for that!Until then, Happy Weekend!


Matching Christmas Pajamas

My family started a new tradition were we all try to get matching pajamas to wear on Christmas eve and/or day. Although we just started this new tradition, it's been fun shopping for PJs and it's so fun to match with my sisters!

Can we take a moment to appreciate this 3 year old polaroid!!! Look at how young we are/look!

 Matching or not, Christmas pajamas are the BEST!


Weekly Rundown No. 25

Happy Friday! I am officially done with the fall semester and I'm really excited for some down time. I've been just studying for my finals so I've haven't done anything exciting but hopefully I can go out and look for some cool spots in town this weekend!

Loved this post that Sarah Belle did for her 6 months blog-iversary! 

I cannot wait for this second season, anyone else love The Crown?!?

How adorable is this pregnancy announcement?!!?!!

Feeling both sad and happy for Mackenzie Kendall! I've been following her for what seems like forever ago (through tumblr and then insta and then the blog!) I'm sad to see her leaving the blogging world but extremely happy for her new 'big girl' job!

Loved this post from Kate!

What do y'all think of Pantone's color of the year??

Last but not least, my prayers and thoughts go out to those affected by the wildfires in California. Seeing all of the videos and photos are heartbreakingšŸ’”

Happy weekend!


10 Things to do During Winter Break

It's bizarre to know that there are only a few weeks left for the semester and there may be schools already out. At UH my last final is on December 7th  and I don't go back until January 20th. So on my break, I usually bum out at home and go to work. This year I plan on taking full advantage of this time and have some well-deserved fun! So I've rounded up 10 either free or inexpensive activities to take part in. Also, keep in mind that every state/city is different regarding what kinda of activities are taking place, so have fun wherever you are!

1. Christmas movie marathon: Invite your friends over for a fun marathon including all of your favorite Christmas movies. Mine are ELF, Home Alone, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Have each guest bring their favorite movie and of course you have to have snacks! Load up on cozy, fleece blankets and hot cocoa!

2. Go Ice Skating: There's always been something so special about Ice Skating during Christmas time that makes it so appealing and beautiful. I'm not a skater, so ice skating is off the table for me, but I'd love to try it one day!

3. Go see Christmas Lights: I love driving around Houston looking for Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. It's so fun looking at how people decorate their homes and it's one of those simple pleasures that I really love! The Houston Zoo offers a fun Zoo Lights and trail of lights which is also fun to see different designs and is low cost per person.

4. Write down 2018 goals: Every year I write down a few goals that I want to achieve during the new year, so winter break is a nice time to sit down and concentrate on the new year. Take this time to really think about what you want to do next year and write 'em down! 

5. Bake Something:  You know those Pillsbury cookies with the fun character designs on them? Well, I love them, so every time I see some I buy and bake them right away! During winter break bake something, bake anything! Whether you're baking homemade cookies or pre-packaged have fun with it, play some music and dance around in the kitchen! 

6. Go to a Winter Market: In Houston, there's always a few markets going around and I'm sure you'll find some in your area as well. Most of these markets include small shops and local artists. I enjoy going to these markets and just looking at what people have to offer. This is also a good time to get some unique gifts.

7. Have a photoshoot: I love driving around the city looking for cute murals and places to take photos at, so why not get dressed up and invite the gal pals for a fun photoshoot. You don't need any fancy camera, just use your phone!

8. Much needed me time: This semester was much harder than last semester, some time is on the top of my list. Staying home in cozy pjs/sweats (whatever floats your boat) and catch up on your favorite shows and readings.

9.Try a new hobby: I don't have much hobbies and I'm constantly trying to find new and fun activities/ hobbies to try out. For the past year or so I've been really into watercoloring.Use your free time to try something new, learn how to watercolor, or get into knitting and crochet.

10.Volunteer: Use this time to give back to your community. During the holidays there are so many volunteer opportunities out there, whether it's at a food bank, animal shelter, or even helping out at your local church. There's always an organization that needs your time and effort.

Do you have any plans for Winter Break? If so, let me know in the comments!


All That Glitters

I can't imagine holiday parties without a little glitz and glam! In fact, I bet there is at least going to be one fabulous lady with a sequin number. Glitter and sequins are perfect for the holidays, many people even decorate their homes with sparkly decor during this wonderful time, I know I do! Today I'll be sharing a few sparkly finds!

DRESSES: You can never go wrong in a sequined dress. I love this emerald dress and how amazing would it look with a fun messy ponytail like this one and some black pumps!

SEPARATES: When I saw this top, I knew it had to be in this post. The style is on trend and the sequins add the glitz factor. Wear it with some cropped pants!

SHOES: Who doesn't want a pair of sparkly shoes? These boots are the perfect amount of sparkle without being too over the top. Pair them with your favorite dark denim (these are my fave) and a nice blouse.


Thanks for Reading,


Weekly Rundown No. 24

Hey y'all! Happy Friday and December 1st! This week was a complete whirlwind of emotions and stress for me. All of my final exams opened this week and I was determined to get them all done early so that I can focus on the most important, stressful project due at the end of the week. Well that didn't really happen. In the middle of one of my exams my laptop froze and went crazy on me so I didn't finish that exam, instead I had to take the grade anyway #bummer. I just have one exam that opens next week so I'll be sure to go to campus to take that one. Anyways when do you go on break? Enough with my rambling, here's another Weekly Rundown!

Love this setup for a Christmas Party

I came across this video on youtube and I couldn't stop ugly crying

Annnd I pretty obsessed with the couple and their instas (hers and his)

Here's to the Instagram Boyfriend

How perfect would these be for a chic holiday look?

It's hard to shop for someone who doesn't want anything. Well Dani's gotchu!

I am soo close to ending the semester, just one more exam stands in the way!

Happy Weekend!