Weekly Rundown No. 22

Happy Friday!! I'm super excited for the weekend and to just relax for a couple of days before finals. Nothing too much has happened since last week's rundown so this one should be pretty short. Also how crazy is it that Thanksgiving is only  2 weeks away??!?! Let's get into this week's Rundown.

Right now I'm so hooked on Stranger Things. I finally saw season 1 last weekend and just started the second season! I'm lovin it so far!

Have you checked out the Holiday Shop? I'm so excited for the Holiday Season 

I am OBSESSED with these Stilla glitter shadows. How pretty are they?

How cute is this hair bow? Love it!!

Adding this to my wishlist! Why is school merch always so cute? 

That's it for this week y'all! Have a good weekend!


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