My Christmas Wish list

As you can probably tell I'm super excited that the Holidays are just around the corner! And like I do almost every year, I'm here to share with you my wish list. Of course by no means do I expect to receive any/all of these gifts, I honestly just love to make these types of collages!

I say this every year, but I really do want to create beautiful content and with that being said I really do want a nice camera. I've been researching the best cameras out there are so far I've heard good things about the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Another item on my wish list is a pair of casual tennis shoes, so think Adidas or New Balance. Something that isn't too athletic lol if that makes sense. 

Something else that I'm adding on my list is a pair of UGG boots, more specifically this pair. I just think they are perfect for those cold mornings when I have to walk the pups and get the mail.  Plus I love how they aren't the typical UGG boots that I've seen everywhere.

And as always cute school merch is always welcome!



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