After all, It's just hair

Suprise I just chopped off my long locks!!! Ahh, I actually can't believe it's gone but it's definitely well worth it. Honestly cutting my hair was out of the blue and spontaneous which I really liked. And to make it more crazy and spontaneous is that I DID IT MYSELF!! Yes, you read that right I chopped my hair off by myself with the help of my mom just to make sure that the back didn't look cray. I'll get into that later but now let's talk about the inspiration.

T H E     I N S P I R A T I O N

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a pin board full of cute, chic long bobs (lob for short) . When I plan on cutting my hair I always go to Selena Gomez for some inspo. She has such beautiful hair and it always looks so effortless but still pretty. Lucy and Lilly are some of my other hair inspirations!!

I basically just wanted something super simple and easy to maintain, and that looks good with zero heat and practically zero effort. In fact, I hated getting ready in the mornings because I would always have to do something with my hair and it would just drive me crazy. The past few weeks I just let my hair do whatever and wore it either up in a high pony or bun. TBH I was just tired of having long hair. So when I came to the idea that I'm gonna cut my hair I turned to the pretty ladies above for some inspo. 

By no means am I a proper hair stylist, but truthfully I've been cutting my hair myself for the last two years and I've never cut my hair so badly that I need to go get it fixed. Now this time I am obsessed, to say the least with my surprise cut!

The cut was pretty simple; I used a fine tooth comb to make a nice, clean middle part and made two ponytails on each side. Making this type of cut will result in a v-shape in the back so I had my mom help me to make sure everything was looking good back there. Honestly, I didn't use any fancy cutting scissors. The initial cut was the hardest and pretty nerve wrecking. After the first cut, I went back and forth between the two sides making sure everything was looking straight and even. After a few times cutting here and there, I also added texture and blended everything all out by cutting vertically. I don't know if this did anything but oh well! 

In the end, I'm really happy how my hair turned out and I'll probably trim it from time to time to keep this length!!!


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