November Playlist

Today I'm back with a monthly playlist! Is it weird to say that every season my taste in music changes? During the Fall I love listening to Bon Iver and Iron & Wine. And of course, during the summer I'm all about fun, dance music. I also found this AMAZING playlist on Spotify and I listen to it non-stop, it just that good! 

What are you listening to?


Thanksgiving Outfit

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! This year has been crazy and I swear year after year I become more thankful and grateful for things that I am lucky to have. I am so beyond thankful for my life, family, friends, the roof over my head, my education and so much more. On this turkey day, I hope you and your family have an amazing day filled with delicious food and if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, have an awesome Thursday!

As usual, I kept everything pretty simple and casual for my family Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. I opted for a flowy sweater and leggings with my everyday jewelry and some comfy metallic slip ons!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!


Weekly Rundown No.23

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving and I couldn't be happier. This week was pretty stressful just with the semester ending and I have a ton of assignments due in the next two weeks. Also, I've been feeling worn out and lazy and I just want to watch The Vampire Diaries but I absolutely cannot do that right now.

Here's my Weekly Rundown!


Kinda sad that I finished Stranger Things 1+2 last weekend 😕

In case you missed it... I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF

Adding to this my wishlist ASAP!

Super cute casual holiday look from Emma 

Has anyone else joined Share skill? I heard it from Rachael and I can't wait to try it out!

That's it for this week guys!


Products I've Been Loving

When it comes to my appearance I'm a pretty simple gal. I don't wear a ton of makeup, my hair is always straightened, and I'm not that crazy into skincare. I guess I've always been pretty simple at these kinds of stuff but there are a few things that I looooove. 


For starters, Dry Shampoo is a must-have. For a while, I  got hooked on Dry Bar and now I'm currently loving this one from Dove!

Another hair tool/product are these coil hair ties. I'm actually surprised that they really do work. They don't leave that weird crease in my thick hair that normal elastics do. My sister got this set for free and I just kinda stole them from her!

Super random but these DryBar clips are awesome. I love using them to hold my hair up when in curling or straightening it!

 I was never into buying brushes and really looking into what kinda I need, like most people I would just pick up the most inexpensive one in the aisle until I was introduced to The Wet Brush. Most of my life I've had long hair so tangles were part of my everyday struggle in doing my hair. But with the wet brush I hardly ever get tangles. Sometimes I'll brush my hair in the shower or I'll wait until I get out to brush it. Either way, tangles are gone!! P.S. if you're thinking about purchasing one go to Marshalls r TJ Maxx because I always find them to be so much cheapier than at Target or Walmart!


These past few years brows have been everything, so I started using this NYX brow product and I really enjoyed it. Now I've switched over to this NYX product and so far I'm really liking it.

This year I got really into Soap & Glory products, it all started when I purchased this primer and then I went ahead and purchased some other products including this face wash and I love it. It leaves my face super hydrated and feeling all soft and smooth!

I've been in the market for an affordable lip product and  I finally found one that I like! It's a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in 275 Crazy for Coffee. It's just a good neutral color but you can definetly tell that you have a lip product on! 

What are some products that you've been loving?


My Christmas Wish list

As you can probably tell I'm super excited that the Holidays are just around the corner! And like I do almost every year, I'm here to share with you my wish list. Of course by no means do I expect to receive any/all of these gifts, I honestly just love to make these types of collages!

I say this every year, but I really do want to create beautiful content and with that being said I really do want a nice camera. I've been researching the best cameras out there are so far I've heard good things about the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

Another item on my wish list is a pair of casual tennis shoes, so think Adidas or New Balance. Something that isn't too athletic lol if that makes sense. 

Something else that I'm adding on my list is a pair of UGG boots, more specifically this pair. I just think they are perfect for those cold mornings when I have to walk the pups and get the mail.  Plus I love how they aren't the typical UGG boots that I've seen everywhere.

And as always cute school merch is always welcome!



After all, It's just hair

Suprise I just chopped off my long locks!!! Ahh, I actually can't believe it's gone but it's definitely well worth it. Honestly cutting my hair was out of the blue and spontaneous which I really liked. And to make it more crazy and spontaneous is that I DID IT MYSELF!! Yes, you read that right I chopped my hair off by myself with the help of my mom just to make sure that the back didn't look cray. I'll get into that later but now let's talk about the inspiration.

T H E     I N S P I R A T I O N

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a pin board full of cute, chic long bobs (lob for short) . When I plan on cutting my hair I always go to Selena Gomez for some inspo. She has such beautiful hair and it always looks so effortless but still pretty. Lucy and Lilly are some of my other hair inspirations!!

I basically just wanted something super simple and easy to maintain, and that looks good with zero heat and practically zero effort. In fact, I hated getting ready in the mornings because I would always have to do something with my hair and it would just drive me crazy. The past few weeks I just let my hair do whatever and wore it either up in a high pony or bun. TBH I was just tired of having long hair. So when I came to the idea that I'm gonna cut my hair I turned to the pretty ladies above for some inspo. 

By no means am I a proper hair stylist, but truthfully I've been cutting my hair myself for the last two years and I've never cut my hair so badly that I need to go get it fixed. Now this time I am obsessed, to say the least with my surprise cut!

The cut was pretty simple; I used a fine tooth comb to make a nice, clean middle part and made two ponytails on each side. Making this type of cut will result in a v-shape in the back so I had my mom help me to make sure everything was looking good back there. Honestly, I didn't use any fancy cutting scissors. The initial cut was the hardest and pretty nerve wrecking. After the first cut, I went back and forth between the two sides making sure everything was looking straight and even. After a few times cutting here and there, I also added texture and blended everything all out by cutting vertically. I don't know if this did anything but oh well! 

In the end, I'm really happy how my hair turned out and I'll probably trim it from time to time to keep this length!!!


Weekly Rundown No. 22

Happy Friday!! I'm super excited for the weekend and to just relax for a couple of days before finals. Nothing too much has happened since last week's rundown so this one should be pretty short. Also how crazy is it that Thanksgiving is only  2 weeks away??!?! Let's get into this week's Rundown.

Right now I'm so hooked on Stranger Things. I finally saw season 1 last weekend and just started the second season! I'm lovin it so far!

Have you checked out the Holiday Shop? I'm so excited for the Holiday Season 

I am OBSESSED with these Stilla glitter shadows. How pretty are they?

How cute is this hair bow? Love it!!

Adding this to my wishlist! Why is school merch always so cute? 

That's it for this week y'all! Have a good weekend!


College Uniform - Fall/Winter

I know you hear it all the time but college is really the best. I  have classes only Monday and Wednesday with the (exception of an online course) so being on campus I really do wear a "uniform". Whether it's jeans or leggings and a random shirt I found in my drawer. Today's post is all about the type of outfit I wear to class when it's a bit chilly out. I recently purchased this top from American Eagle a couple of weeks ago and y'all, it's the softest shirt everrrr.


 Thanks for Reading,


Gift Guide: For the Bestie

Your bestie has most likely been there for you through thick and thin so why not spoil them this holdiay season?!


Gift Guide: For the Sporty

Whether she's running 5 miles every morning or walking to her yoga class, this sporty girl is always on the go! She's got her headphones and listening to high-energy tunes to get her workout started.


Gift Guide: The Homebody

THE HOMEBODY: Noun, a person who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home; stay-at-home.

This person loves to stay at home curled up in a huge blanket with his\her pup watching movies all day. I know a few of these types of people and I'm sure you do too! This person is easy to shop for, meaning anything soft and cozy will do! 


Gift Guide: For the Foodie

When I think of foodies, I think of someone who loves being in the kitchen whipping up some delicious home cooked meal and desert. They are always creating fun and interesting recipes and love to cook for their friends and family!


Gift Guide: The Hostess

I love shopping for the hostess. My mom is the hostess of my family, so I my case I always want to get her something that she's going to use. Fun wine charms are a big hit when friends or family come over!!! 


Gift Guide: For the Traveler

The traveler is always waiting for his\her big adventure!


Gift Guide: For the Girlboss

"Crazy bun & Gettin stuff done" im not actually sure who said this but a girlboss  has her wild hair in a bun and is working hard. 


Weekly Rundown No. 21

WOW, What a week!!!! So much has happened this week and I cannot wait to share it with y'all! First off, how was everyone's Halloween? Here in Houston, Halloween was pretty much canceled. My neighborhood was quiet and everyone was inside watching game 6 of the World Series. The mall I work at put up their Meet Santa display and I'm not at all prepared for working the holidays. On another note, Happy November!!! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! Wednesday was just AMAZING!!! If you've heard THE HOUSTON ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!WOOHOOO!! It sounds so good to hear and say that!😁 Much respect for my team! Anyways let's get thiS Weekly Rundown started!


DM on insta or comment on here with what type of holiday content you want to see! 

How is EPIC this proposal! I'm glad I caught it on snachat!!! 

Patiently waiting for this to show up on my front porch!

Congrats to the new parents! Little Harris is a cutie pie!

Did you read Monday's post all about my new specs?🕶

Who's participating in the blogger secret Santa?

Lately, I've been on a John Mayer kick and I LOVE IT!! 

Have a good weekend!