New Specs

I've had glasses since I think 4 or 5th grade so when it comes for my yearly eye exam it's nothing new to me when my prescription changes, and I enjoy getting new glasses. This year my prescription didn't change so it wasn't necessary to get new glasses but, me being me I wanted a new pair.

I've always been so skeptical when It comes to buying prescription glasses online. But then as they've become more and more popular and somewhat normal to buy glasses online I decided why not just try it this one time and see what happens. I can always return them and get a refund or I can actually enjoy them and possibly continue to buy from these online optical. I went ahead and placed my order from Eye Buy Direct!

When choosing frames I'm pretty simple. I love the classic and chic look of tortoise and I love a larger frame.  Eye Buy Direct has a ton of simple and sophisticated frames for both men and women and some fun styles for the kiddos.

Here are the two styles I choose:


This style of glasses is sophisticated and chic but they also come in a trendy clear frame and lovely ivory tortoise.


Again I chose a classic browline frame. To be honest I chose this style because I knew that I wanted sunglasses and I've always wanted a pair of the Ray-Ban clubmasters, so why not get a similar style for less than $50?

Both styles are really well made and I ended up paying $85.81 for two pairs of glasses which is an amazing deal. If you've been wanting to check eyebuydirect out I definitely recommend! I'll be sure to link the exact styles I purchased a few others that I'm loving!


P.S. these were taken on a super casual, gotta get my homework done, stay in pjs kinda day so sorry for the weird top part of my outfit lol!

Weekly Rundown No. 20

Hello Friday! The Astros play tonight and I am in the BEST mood! I'm hoping they get another W! Is anyone else watching the World Series?!?! Enough about baseball, it's FRIDAY! Here's my rundown:


Anyone else loving Julia's FRYE boots?!?!

Lately, I've been obsessed with Starbuck's salted caramel mocha both hot and iced and to be honest I hate that I'm spending $5 and some change three times a week no. So I bought these k-cups and I've got to say they aren't horrible but definitely not the same. 

It's a good time to snag up some cute cold weather accessories! I'm loving this, this and this!

Cannot wait for Carly and Cody's official wedding video! Just look at how beautiful the preview is!

Cutest couple award goes to these two! Love me some Verlander 😍

Speaking of Verlander, HOW 'BOUT THEM ASTROSSSS! Seriously though I'm so into the World Series games right now! My team is back in Houston tonight and I couldn't be more excited and proud of this team!  

I love reading through WWD (omg totally embarrassing but I can't think of what WWD actually stands for😬) articles and I came across this one. It's pretty interesting! 

That's all that I have for you for this week guys! Have a good weekend!


Reader Feedback

Hey Y'all! Today I'm sharing a quick reader feedback. It's just a few questions about the type of posts that have been going live and how I can improve The Lonestar Darling. I would appreciate your feedback so much, so if you have a couple of minutes to spare I encourage you to fill the survey out. Thank you in advance for everyone who completes it!

What it's Really like to Not have Friends in College

*Disclaimer I’m being 100% honest I’m this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own*

Wanna know what it’s like to not have girlfriends or at least a solid, good group of friends? Well, it sucks.  If I told my high school self that at this moment of my college career that I wouldn’t have friends, I without a doubt wouldn’t believe you...or myself(?). I’m a college junior and I don’t have friends. It’s not that I don’t want them-trust me I do- it’s just that I’m not having that- OMG you’ll meet your best friend/bridesmaids in college experience. It’s been so hard. And I’m not here to get pity readers or whatever I just think and know that there are people like me out there.

First things first I'm a transfer student so right off the bat I don’t have the -been here since the beginning type of relationship with most people at my university. And I do relate to those who’ve transferred so I’m not totally alone.

So, what’s it’s like not having a solids group of friends in college? It sucks because I’m always the odd girl walking into the library alone looking for a table when everyone else is in groups and yeah I know they don’t care for me but every time I walk in there I feel weird being all alone. It’s the feeling that when I’m sitting alone at a table I feel like a loner when other groups walk in a sit at the same table I’m at because I’m just taking up one space while there aren’t any more tables available. I’m the one whose “checking my texts” when larger groups of people are near me and I'm the obvious outcast.

Again on transferring, Trust me, I knew that I’d be alone once I transferred from junior college to university but I kinda had this vision that I would fit right in with the other students in my major but man I was just dreaming big. In fact my very first day at university was great and I did meet some awesome girls but they aren’t what I wanted and in fact, I don’t think and still think that I’m not what they wanted. My first “real” college class required that the students be split into groups.  This girl sat next to me on the first day so we decided to group together. And then two other girls were added into our group and ever since then we’ve been “friends”. Friends is in quotation marks because what do we really know about each other? I know nothing about these girls except for the obvious fact that we all have the same major. Right off the bat, I knew that I was kinda the odd one out. And trust me this isn't a post to diss them, I would never do that to anyone. But I could just feel that I wasn't connecting to them and that was fine. Not everyone you meet will automatically become your best friend... I just thought that there was some hope in it.

So, fast forward to this year and I'm still "friendless" and that's okay. There are days that I wish I had friends to go out and see the new art exhibit with or just simply had fun little coffee dates. I wish I had friends to go to free football games with. I wish I had friends to tell about my horrible days at work and how I want to quit so bad but I'm scared to. I wish I had friends to talk about life stuff with but instead, I hold all of these thoughts and silly wishes inside. My list can go on and on but I'll stop there for now.

But not having friends is all right. It means that I get to take in my college experience and focus on me, myself and I which is important.  It's also taught me to that it's okay to be alone. College is such a fun time and you should really experience it with others but not belonging to a group makes you realize that your strong and you are able to do this all by yourself.

There's a ton more that I can say but for now, I think I've gotten my word out about friendships in college. And I know that I'm not the only one going through this. So, for now, I hope y'all enjoyed and truly understood where I'm coming from with this post.

Weekly Rundown No. 19

Hey y'all! I'm back with another Weekly Rundown and this one's quite fun! We're just a little over a week from Halloween and I can't wait (even though I work in the morning boo! πŸ˜”) This week was even my mom's b-day so I had fun baking her favorite strawberry cake. You might have already seen this photo on IG this past week but I LOVE it! My sweet Rosie Belle looked so cute in front of our fall porch decor!

 I hope y'all enjoy this post!

Who knew that I needed THESE suede leggings?!?! Kelly Looks amazing in them!

Who in their right mind thought that it was okay to hit Ed Sheeran? Like Really?!?

I call being THIS for Halloween! Lol

This week I just started watching The Bold Type! It's such a fun show and I love the cast and of course their styles!

That's all for this week folks! Happy Weekend!

Look for Less: Over the Knee Boots

I'm not one to buy trendy shoes- example those Gucci loafers with the fur and the tons of look alikes out there. But every once in a while I have an awesome outfit on or see someone with them and I'm all aboard wishing I had a pair in my closet. Well, today's look for less is all about those super trendy, fashionable over the knee boots. Fun fact: I actually tried on a pair at work and they were so cute but looked kinda odd on me, however, I'm still obsessed with them! I've seen so many bloggers and other women wearing these types of boot and they never fail to make an impression on me. 



Mums and Pups

Hey guys! I thought I would just share a few photos from this past weekend. The weather has been amazing here in Houston, so I had to take advantage and spend a few minutes outside with Rosie Belle. Here a few fun photos that my baby sis aka Little J took! Oh and ALWAYS check your hair out before taking cute photos, peep those bad boy baby hairs!

Weekly Rundown No. 18

Happy Friday guys! We've made it to another weekend, yay!! I'll be working this weekend but hopefully, I'll have some spare time for some play. On another note, Texas got a cool front this week and omg it was awesome! It was the first glimpse of cooler weather, I mean it dropped down to the 60s and I was one happy gal! Enough with my rambling, here is another Weekly Rundown!


OBSESSED with this look from Sarah Belle

Riverdale season 2...OHEMGEEEEEE!!

Congrats to the newlyweds! My fave fashionista, Carly, and her beau Cody made it official last weekend and all of their Instagrams are B E A U T I F U L! 

Earlier this week Carly of The College Prepster shared her September Favorites! I love these types of posts from her!

I finally got the chance to update my wishlist!  Check it out →

Name a cuter couple than these two! πŸ’“

How darling would these look for a classy, holiday look? WANT!

Has anyone else seen those Grammarly ads on youtube? Well, I always see them so I decided to download it and guys it's kinda amazing! It's kinda random but speaking as someone who does a lot of writing on my laptop it's pretty cool.

Happy weekend!


Try on Session

Working at a mall has some perks - the mall employee discounts on Auntie Anne's, tons of window shopping and the occasional time when you need a new outfit so you do some trying on. Well, this is my case: today I'm working the closing shift at the store I work at but I've been wanting to do some fall shopping so to hit up the mall in one trip. Come join me on this fun try on session!


How cute is this peplum top from F21?!?  I can already see it being my new favorite tee!

 I knew I had to hit up Target to find these bow mules! Kinda sad I didn't make a purchase :(

  Okay Francesca's I see you with these fun belle sleeves. I picked this cutie up for a fun and simple sweater, it's not too thick or too thin which is perfect for fall in TX!

Let me know if you like these types of try on posts!


September Playlist

Hey guys! Like I do every month, here is my September Playlist.There's a bunch of new artists that I've recently found on Spotify. 'Homemade Dynamite' by Lorde has been one of my favorite songs. It's such a fun one! Let me know if there's any artists or songs that you've recently heard of! 

Let's talk Leopard Print

On of my favorite prints for the fall happens to be leopard print. It can be both a bold print but also a staple pattern for fall. Over the years I've had my own fair share of leopard print accessories and love my leopard print shoes! I swear I wear them too much but I just love the pop of print they give to an otherwise simple and boring outfit. Here are a few other leopard print styles that I'm loving at the moment!

Are you a fan of leopard print?
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