Weekly rundown No.15

#Funnynotsofunnystory Im actually writing this in class...😨
So summer has officially ended and another school year has come. It's my third class of the week and boy I'm not feeling this class at all! The room is freezing, my professor speaks so slow and quietly. But the upside of a boring class is sharing it with your friends on and snacks! This also happens to be my first post after being gone for a two week blogging hiatus. It certainly feels good to back on schedule and to be doing some fun and exciting things for these last upcoming months of 2017. I've also decided to change the format of these weekly rundown and make them...idk more fun? if that makes sense?

Welcome to another weekly Rundown!


OMGEEE my absolute fave couple had their darling baby girl and I couldn't be any more happier for the new parents!

Ya girl finally ordered some new glasses and I may or may not be impatiently waiting for their delivery. I went with this pair for practical use and turned this pair into some super chic sunnies!
This week I finished two Netflix shows that have been in my que for the longest times. I started 'Chasing life' a realllly long time ago and was so sad when I got to the last two episodes so I never finished the series. Well it was about time that I finish it so I decided to rewatch the entire series over again and fell in love with the show. This time I actually did finish the series and am still sad that it's over :( 10/10 recommended watching this show! 

Another show I finally finished was "The Crown". It follows Queen Elizabeth's early years as being queen and has quite the drama. The costumes, the cast, and the soundtrack were all too beautiful and I cannot wait until season 2 comes out in December. Again 10/10 recommend watching!

Chip and Jo are having their own Target line! I know where all my money is going!

Wanna know what happens when you dress Like Blair Waldorf for a week? Well Hannah did, and I'm so for it! XOXO Gossip Girl Forever

Staying on the topic of GG, this iconic show is turning 10! Yes 10, meaning that I was only eleven when the pilot aired and I am absolutely sure my parents didn't like me watching it. 

That's it for this week! Happy FRI-YAY!

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