Weekly Rundown No. 13

First week of August? Check! It's crazy writing and even saying the date it's weird. Hehe. Well at least it's Friday!!


WORE: So this item isn't technically something that I've worn but more like something that I wish to own and wear in the upcoming months. It's a new pair of sneakers!!! I have my New Balances which I love and I have a pair of Nikes but they're kinda old and gross, so of course I would want a new pair of sneakers. I've had my eyes on some Adidas and more nikes but there are so many different styles to choose from. Here are a few that are on my radar:

LISTENED: This playlist is everything I want in a playlist. Super chill and mellow and one of the best part is that I've found a bunch of new artists. My taste in music is totally random, one minute I can be listening to catchy pop songs and the next a mellow indie song. This song right here is my new favorite! I could listen to this song forever. P.S. I just realized that this is a breakup song 🙇anyways it's just really good.


POSTED: It's officially August which means I can turn my planner unto a new month. This months color scheme is teal, pink and orange. Although I really wanted a new planner I challenged myself to use my planner to the max which means using it up until December 2017. It's been a struggle not to buy a new planner for school but I'm sticking to my challenge.

LOVED: I've been using my Happy Planner sine last fall and am crazy about it. It has the perfect layout and planner sizes. I love having a planner with tons of space perfect for decorating and keeping your life organized. Although I have a Happy Planner I've noticed that Erin Condren stickers also fit this planner, so when Lucy of Daily Dose of Prep shared how she created her planner stickers I went ahead and tried it out for myself. I'm still working on them so I don't have any to show but here's Lucy's post if you want to attempt DIY stickers!

Thanks for Reading!

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