Sunday Funday

Hey y'all! On Sunday me and my sister decided to go on a little adventure. I've heard of Smither Park here in town but I've actually never been. So naturally we decided to drive down and take some pictures. The park itself is apart of the Orange Show center for visionary arts, and it features creative, local artists. It's one of those hidden gems in Houston and although it's kinda hard to describe take a look at their website and all the park and center offer.

What I'm wearing:
BLOUSE (I'm wearing an older style, but here's the new one)| EARRINGS | JACKS | BAG


  1. Love your earrings so cute!!
    Xo, Kelsey |

    1. Hi Kelsey! I am so obsessed with them!They're super cute and not too heavy, if you're interested in them definitely check out

      Thanks for Reading!