Houston Strong, Texas Strong

Hey y'all, by the time I'm writing this I hope that all of you have heard the devastating news of Hurricane Harvey. In this post I'll touchdown on how YOU can help out those affected by Harvey and also a little update on how me and my family held up during the storm.

Let me start of this post with an update on me and my family. Hurricane Harvey made landfall late Friday night in Corpus Christi, TX. Friday night I was glued to the television, watching many news channels covering the storm. Late Friday night, Houston also began getting hit with strong winds and  heavy rainfall. The main street where I live began to flood as well as the road in front of my house. Luckily the house was doing fine, no water damage. Around 1 am the power went out and we wouldn't have electricity until Tuesday 6 pm. 

It's devastating to see the places I drive by everyday and neighborhoods were I've been to swallowed up by water. It's also hard to see hundreds of thousands of people including my co-workers, and school friends being evacuated to shelters. My heart truly goes out to those affected by the storm.


If you are near or far, I urge you to please help those in need. Below is a list of ways to help :

On a lighter note, here is a beautiful song that Coldplay has written about Houston
Thank you for your prayers and continuous support
Texas Forever, Texas Strong


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