Houston Strong, Texas Strong

Hey y'all, by the time I'm writing this I hope that all of you have heard the devastating news of Hurricane Harvey. In this post I'll touchdown on how YOU can help out those affected by Harvey and also a little update on how me and my family held up during the storm.

Let me start of this post with an update on me and my family. Hurricane Harvey made landfall late Friday night in Corpus Christi, TX. Friday night I was glued to the television, watching many news channels covering the storm. Late Friday night, Houston also began getting hit with strong winds and  heavy rainfall. The main street where I live began to flood as well as the road in front of my house. Luckily the house was doing fine, no water damage. Around 1 am the power went out and we wouldn't have electricity until Tuesday 6 pm. 

It's devastating to see the places I drive by everyday and neighborhoods were I've been to swallowed up by water. It's also hard to see hundreds of thousands of people including my co-workers, and school friends being evacuated to shelters. My heart truly goes out to those affected by the storm.


If you are near or far, I urge you to please help those in need. Below is a list of ways to help :

On a lighter note, here is a beautiful song that Coldplay has written about Houston
Thank you for your prayers and continuous support
Texas Forever, Texas Strong


August Playlist

I swear I was just writing my July playlist 5 seconds ago... Well adios August👋

 I had my last summer road trip with my family last week and these were just some of the songs we listened to. As school starts back up again I'm sure I'll listen to a ton of study playlists on spotify!

Photos that Don't make it to Instagram

I tend to have this habit where I'll take a bunch of photos and end up never sharing them on social media or here on the blog. So that's what I'm gonna do today, share some pictures that never made it to my instagram.

From a recent trip to Austin!

This incredible rainbow shot

The only reason rooftop pools are amazing is the view of the sunset

When you forget to post that quirky father's day picture

I swear one day I'll actually post photos to social media, but in the meantime does anyone else have this same 'problem' as me?? 

Gray & Navy

Hey y'all! I love a good, easy to wear skirt. One that you can just put on and it just always looks good no matter how you styled it. Well this skirt right here is one of my new favorites! It looks so good on and can easily be dressed up or down. It has the cutest pom pom trim and just fits right. Unfortunately the navy color choice isn't online but there is a cream option  and I'm considering ordering it!

Thanks For Reading!

Weekly Rundown No. 14

Summer is officially over for me 😔 Although I'm kinda bummed that my summer is over, I did have fun and am so ready to conquer the fall semester. I go back to school on Monday and yet I still have to figure out my school / work schedule.With another week done with, here's my weekly rundown!


WORE:Tassel earrings and white jeans have been on repeat all summer long!!! I hope this fun, statement trend doesn't go away soon!

LISTENED: Sylvan Esso has been one of my favorite musical groups for a while now and since the announced that they were coming to town a few months back I've been listening to their album non stop. Tickets are sold out so I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to see them (bummer) but I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you haven't heard of them before.


POSTED: So a few weeks ago I saw a post on Instagram from Cfashionista encouraging college students and fashion lovers to apply to be a cfashionist style guru. So without puting much though into the program I applied. Well I'm excited and happy to announce that I got in!! I'm officially apart of the guru gang!!

LOVED: A few months back when Riffle Paper Co. announced their new collab with Keds I jumped to the site and tried to purchase some cute tennis but they sold out v quickly in my size and the style I wanted. Well a new fall collection came out and the prints are even more lovely than the previous styles. I have my eye on these!

How was your week?

Big News!!!

Y'all I've been accepted to be a College Fashionista Style Guru for the fall semester!!! Whaaaaat??!?!


I am sooo excited to be joining the fun guru gang and learning new skills & people plus the entire experience!!! I've been following Cfashionista for a while now and I always loved their posts so naturally when they shared that fall applications were available I immediately applied. The program doesn't officially start until September 25th  and I cannot wait to start.

If you're in college and love fashion, style, and learning new things I encourage you to apply so we can both be apart of the guru gang!! Check out cfashionista here!!

My favorite school supplies + What's in my Backpack

The whole 'going back to school' season has always been my favorite. For as long as I remember, I've loved going to get my school uniforms, new school shoes and of course cute notebooks and other supplies. Well three years into college and nothing has changed - well except the school uniforms.

In today's post I'll be sharing my favorite and useful school supplies with a few snaps of what I actually carry in my backpack!


THE BASICS - notebooks, and writing utensils
So you can't go wrong with notebooks, pens and pencils. In fact these three items are my most used. Ever since high school I've used the Mead Five star brand, specifically the five subject notebooks. These are so helpful when keeping track of different classes without carrying multiple notebooks. I swear by these. They're pretty easy to get your hands on and also inexpensive. I always seem to get the basic colors and end up personalizing them with stickers.

Let's talk about writing utensils aka pens and pencils. I'm pretty picky with what pens i'm writing with. I love bold, black gel pens like these Pilot G2 pens. But at the same time I love a simple thin pens stroke that I get with these Pilot juice pens. Then there's the Sharpie pens, y'all I cannot get enough of these pens. They write so nice and I love using them to underline important topics in my notes.

And then there is pencils, I'm not even kidding when I say this but I only have one mechanical pencil. It's a Papermate 0.7 mm clear point pencil and while looking cool it's gets the job done. Since I'm not taking any math classes this semester I hardly use pencils but I have this just in case I do need one.

Oh and my personal favorite, HIGHLIGHTERS!!! I love bright colors so obviously I have a pack of highlighters that includes both pink, and purple. I find that most brands only carry yellow, orange, green and blue so when I found these Poppin highlighters at my college bookstore I picked them up!

FOR FUN - cute pencil bags, and rainbow sticky notes
As soon as I saw these rainbows sticky notes block I knew I needed it. Not only was it cute but I actually go through a ton of post its so why not get a huge block. There's seven different colors all in fun brights and are actually the perfect size.

With all those pens and pencils you need a place to store them right? At the moment I'm reusing an older Vera Bradley makeup bag for a pencil pouch. It's completely lined on the inside which is pretty neat and because I'm using the bag for a pencil pouch I'm not scared to get the inside dirty or even if a pen had a leak because it's easy to clean. It's also the perfect size for everything.

 ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSES - binders, and  file folders

I  love organizing lecture notes and other important papers. I typically color code every class that coincides with a highlighter and color pen as well as a folder and section in my binder. My system is kinda crazy but it works for me. In my binder I keep my syllabus and other important papers from my professors. When the semester ends each class gets 'retired' from the binders and gets a file folder. For example all of last semester notes and papers are in a separate file folder so that I can reuse the same binder.

 As far as what I carry in my backpack it's pretty simple. For classes and note taking I only use a 5 subject notebook and a binder for extra storage for important papers. I also take my laptop, which is pretty standard for any college student to have in their backpack. Next my handy dandy Happy Planner and of course my pencil bag. Oh and one must have item that didn't make the photo... a jacket! My building are always freezing and I get cold easily so I always make sure I have a cardigan or a lightweight jacket in my backpack!

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Sunday Funday

Hey y'all! On Sunday me and my sister decided to go on a little adventure. I've heard of Smither Park here in town but I've actually never been. So naturally we decided to drive down and take some pictures. The park itself is apart of the Orange Show center for visionary arts, and it features creative, local artists. It's one of those hidden gems in Houston and although it's kinda hard to describe take a look at their website and all the park and center offer.

What I'm wearing:
BLOUSE (I'm wearing an older style, but here's the new one)| EARRINGS | JACKS | BAG

Weekly Rundown No. 13

First week of August? Check! It's crazy writing and even saying the date it's weird. Hehe. Well at least it's Friday!!


WORE: So this item isn't technically something that I've worn but more like something that I wish to own and wear in the upcoming months. It's a new pair of sneakers!!! I have my New Balances which I love and I have a pair of Nikes but they're kinda old and gross, so of course I would want a new pair of sneakers. I've had my eyes on some Adidas and more nikes but there are so many different styles to choose from. Here are a few that are on my radar:

LISTENED: This playlist is everything I want in a playlist. Super chill and mellow and one of the best part is that I've found a bunch of new artists. My taste in music is totally random, one minute I can be listening to catchy pop songs and the next a mellow indie song. This song right here is my new favorite! I could listen to this song forever. P.S. I just realized that this is a breakup song 🙇anyways it's just really good.


POSTED: It's officially August which means I can turn my planner unto a new month. This months color scheme is teal, pink and orange. Although I really wanted a new planner I challenged myself to use my planner to the max which means using it up until December 2017. It's been a struggle not to buy a new planner for school but I'm sticking to my challenge.

LOVED: I've been using my Happy Planner sine last fall and am crazy about it. It has the perfect layout and planner sizes. I love having a planner with tons of space perfect for decorating and keeping your life organized. Although I have a Happy Planner I've noticed that Erin Condren stickers also fit this planner, so when Lucy of Daily Dose of Prep shared how she created her planner stickers I went ahead and tried it out for myself. I'm still working on them so I don't have any to show but here's Lucy's post if you want to attempt DIY stickers!

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