Instagram Roundup

I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm obsessed with instagram. I'm definitely one of those people who can keep scroll through their feed, get out of the app and go back in within a couple of minutes.  At the moment I don't really have a cohesive theme, I pretty much play around with the filters on VSCO cam.  Today I'll be sharing a quick and fun Instagram Roundup.



 YUM! My family was given free tickets to a baseball game last week and it was sooo much fun! We had great seats and had a blast. We also had free food tickets and since we ate before the game I ended up getting this amazing cookie sundae!

My little sisters birthday was on July 10th and she wanted a pool party. All of her school friends and our family got together and had such a fun day at the pool.

Happy 4th Everyone! Since I worked in the morning I came home to a great assortment of food! After relaxing for a bit me and my sisters took some photos  and just chilled and played with our pups.

I had posted this on July 3rd while I was trying to put together an outfit for the 4th. I love wearing  red, white and blue, it's definitely one of my favorite color combos!

 A few weeks ago I ran into Walmart for a few things and as I walked by the clothes I saw this white and red striped dress with little pom poms on it. At first I was hesitant on buying it becuase I didn't need a new dress but it was on clearance so why not but it? So i bought it and y'all it's HUGE! I had already taken the tags off and took a few photos in it. Here was one of those photos.

Why not post a picture of watermelon?! This one is particular was so sweet and juicy which is perfect for a hot Texas day!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup!

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