Fourth of July 2017

Hey y'all, so this post is incredibly late but with work and trying to have a somewhat social life, I haven't had time to sit down and share my outfit and a little recap from this past weekend.

I ended up working a quick 5 hr shift on Tuesday morning and then once I left the  the real party began! At home my dad was grilling some delicious ribs, sausage and of course the all American hotdogs and hamburgers. It was nice to come home to a delicious aromas from all the food cooking outside! Once it got dark outside we headed to the firework show. Every year we go and try to find a new spot to watch the show. Last year we found a spot months before July and it was a great view. It was a grassy meadow behind some newly re-done warehouses turned business. Unfortunately that perfect spot was taken away and new town homes lay there. This year we watched the show from the same area but the view wasn't as nearly as great as it was last year. 

None the less me and my family still had fun watching the show and singing Katy Perry's 'Firework'! Can't wait until July 4th 2018!!

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