welcome back

As y'all have probably guessed, I finally choose a a new blog name - one that'll hopefully stick around. 

If you followed along on insta stories and twiter, you would have noticed that I've been brainstorming long and hard for a new name. I loved The Lonestar Prep but I am so far away from the 'preppy' style, I mean I still have and wear preppy, classic pieces but I wanted something that I could use in the long haul. 

I came up with The Lonestar Darling, one's that kinda stuck with me while transitioning to Stripes and Specs. The name was/is kinda a mix between 'The Lonestar Prep'.

I also went ahead and bought a domain!!! Yep, it's kinda official. I also have a bunch of new posts coming soon which is pretty fun. As always I'm super excited for the new part of my blogging journey!

 Be sure to check out the About page for my new socials and where to contact me!

As always, Thanks for Reading!

Desirae Marie

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