Weekly Rundown No.10

Happy last day of June! It's crazy that waking up tomorrow we'll be in July! Where has the summer gone?? I cannot wait for the weekend and of course Independence Day next Tuesday! If you are new to weekly rundowns, I go ahead and share my favorites from the past week.  I'll be sharing everything from music and entertainment to what I'm loving in general. So stick around and let's get this Weekly Rundown started!

WORE: A few weeks ago I finally purchased white jeans and oh boy are they life changing. I know it's silly, but you can wear anything - yes anything with white jeans. One of my favorite ways to wear my white jeans has been one of these simple and colorful tees with my jacks and simple jewelry. These tees from Target are my all time favorite! They fit and feel so good!

  LISTENED: If you have a spotify account drop everything and go listen to the 'Your Summer Rewind' playlist. Spotify made a summer playlist from the songs you listened to last summer. I think is so fun and unique that you can listen to the songs you were playing last year. Another favorite playlist that I've been listening to recently is the 'Summer Party' playlist. It's such a good playlist. I've added almost every song to my personal playlists. You can give the playlist a listen down below:


SAW: Y'all please tell me that I wasn't the only one who watched 'Jane by Design' on ABC Family/ Freeform??? Well my older sister got me hooked on the Freeform app so I started watching 'Jane by Design". While it was on air I was so obsessed with the show, actors, and story line. After re watching a few episodes I'm still obsessed with the story line. Basically it's about this high schooler, Jane, who has an eye for fashion and loves the industry. She applies for an internship and gets mistaken. She then accepts a job as a full time assistant to a well know designer. She ends up juggling both lives, but my oh my I remember watching that show in awe hoping that something like that would happen to me. I even guess you can say that it kinda inspired me to pursue a career in the fashion industry. If you haven't seen/heard of it before here's the trailer, you should definitely watch!


POSTED: On Monday I shared a couple of beauty brands that I want to try soon. Luckily enough that very same day I ended up buying this Soap & Glory primer! Be on the lookout for a review!

LOVED: I am loving this LOFT sale!!! Besides J.Crew and Gap, Loft is probably my favorite retail. Be sure to check  out this grand sale with 50% off of almost everything with the code SPARKLER! Happy shopping!😀

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