Weekly Rundown No. 8

Happy Fri-yay!!! Another week down, another weekly rundown. I have to admit these weekly updates are some of my favorite posts to write and read. This week has gone by incredibly fast. Not only was it fun to watch my sister graduate high school on Saturday, I also had a major lazy day on Sunday. Also work has been pretty slow these past couple of days so I'm getting the most hours but it's been nice just focusing on the blog. Anyways here is my weekly rundown!

WORE: Lately my style has been pretty laidback. The only time I truly dress up is when I have work and  my outfit is pretty easy and comfortable. One thing that I have been loving is turquoise jewelry. I recently purchased this necklace and I wear it with so many basic tops that It kinda adds a bit more to a super basic outfit.

LISTENED:  On word: LANY. Literally give them a listen down below, I recommend listening to ILYSB first. But for real this band is, ugh so good. I've kinda been obsessed for a couple of days and I can't get enough of them. However major creds to my sister for introducing me to them.


SAW: A few weeks ago I finally saw Hidden Figures and y'all it was soooo good. Feel good movies are my absolute favorite and I loved every scene. It's definitely a great reminder that women can do anything that they set their minds to. I can go on and on about this movie but it was just that good, 10/10 recommend!


POSTED: This week I made the transition from The Lonestar Prep to Stripes & Specs. For a while now I had been contemplating changing names, I wanted something that I could eventually use in the long haul and not feel tied down to a specific style. Since style is always evolving I decided to change names. You can read more about the name change here! I also created an official logo and I love it!

LOVED:  On a super blog related topic, my new logo DUH! In all honesty I'm so happy that it turned out so cute! Hehe. I've even thought about opening a page here where I can share more of my artwork and doodles. Let me know if y'all would be interested!💗
Thanks for Reading & Happy Almost Weekend!!

Desirae Marie

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