Weekly Rundown No.10

Happy last day of June! It's crazy that waking up tomorrow we'll be in July! Where has the summer gone?? I cannot wait for the weekend and of course Independence Day next Tuesday! If you are new to weekly rundowns, I go ahead and share my favorites from the past week.  I'll be sharing everything from music and entertainment to what I'm loving in general. So stick around and let's get this Weekly Rundown started!

WORE: A few weeks ago I finally purchased white jeans and oh boy are they life changing. I know it's silly, but you can wear anything - yes anything with white jeans. One of my favorite ways to wear my white jeans has been one of these simple and colorful tees with my jacks and simple jewelry. These tees from Target are my all time favorite! They fit and feel so good!

  LISTENED: If you have a spotify account drop everything and go listen to the 'Your Summer Rewind' playlist. Spotify made a summer playlist from the songs you listened to last summer. I think is so fun and unique that you can listen to the songs you were playing last year. Another favorite playlist that I've been listening to recently is the 'Summer Party' playlist. It's such a good playlist. I've added almost every song to my personal playlists. You can give the playlist a listen down below:


SAW: Y'all please tell me that I wasn't the only one who watched 'Jane by Design' on ABC Family/ Freeform??? Well my older sister got me hooked on the Freeform app so I started watching 'Jane by Design". While it was on air I was so obsessed with the show, actors, and story line. After re watching a few episodes I'm still obsessed with the story line. Basically it's about this high schooler, Jane, who has an eye for fashion and loves the industry. She applies for an internship and gets mistaken. She then accepts a job as a full time assistant to a well know designer. She ends up juggling both lives, but my oh my I remember watching that show in awe hoping that something like that would happen to me. I even guess you can say that it kinda inspired me to pursue a career in the fashion industry. If you haven't seen/heard of it before here's the trailer, you should definitely watch!


POSTED: On Monday I shared a couple of beauty brands that I want to try soon. Luckily enough that very same day I ended up buying this Soap & Glory primer! Be on the lookout for a review!

LOVED: I am loving this LOFT sale!!! Besides J.Crew and Gap, Loft is probably my favorite retail. Be sure to check  out this grand sale with 50% off of almost everything with the code SPARKLER! Happy shopping!😀

4th of July Style Guide

As Independence Day comes near, I thought it would be fun to share a style guide. This guide features 3 different 'occasions' -the all American backyard BBQ, a patriotic pool day, and a fun, casual outfit for the firework watching. You can also shop the post down below!I hope y'all enjoy!


Thanks for Reading, 

June Playlist

Since Summer has officially begun it's time to crank up those tunes and put those windows down. In this months playlist there's tons of fun, summer songs that are perfect for any pool party or girls night in. Add in a couple of 80s/90s songs and it's the perfect playlist. Here are a few songs that I've been jamming to this month!

If you listen to any of these songs let me know what you think!

Beauty Products I Want to Try

 Hey y'all! Over the course of the year so far I've heard about a ton of beauty products worth trying and what's hot or not. Well I've decided to gather up some beauty products that I want to try out. By no means am I into makeup and beauty, but I'm kinda getting into having a proper beauty routine.

I have heard soooo many good things about this New York brand. From their ever so popular Boy Brow to their Balm Dotcom. I absoutely love everything the Glossier brand promotes and I cannot wait to try their products out. I've been wanting to tryout some products and I even have Phase 2 in my cart but I haven't bit the bullet yet to purchase -anyone else do that? Anyways I'm keeping this brand on my radar and hopefully I'll get to try them out soon! Below are some of the products I'm dying to try!


To me the Origins brand just screams a lovely, tried and true skincare brand. I've seen my older sister use many masks and products from this brand, so I've kinda always assumed that it's a good one. Recently I've been anxious to buy a few products and have nice, healthy skin.


This brand is killing it in adorable packaging and great body scrubs and other body products. For years now I've read and heard all amazing things about Soap and Glory. One of my favorite youtubers and new blogger, Sarah Belle, recently got me hooked on this fun brand. Me and my sister also happened to pick up a couple of goodies! hopefully I'll be able to do a review on the products in the feature!


When I think of top knotch beauty products First Aid Beauty always come to mind. I'm not kidding around when I say that I've been wanting to try this brand out for a while now. They have so many great products that I think are worth buying. I've also heard a bunch about this brand. I do believe that every product is worth the hype and cost.  Here a couple of things I've been eyeing:

Have you tried any of the products? What are some of the beauty products and brands you wish to try out?

Independence Day Inspo

The summer is filled with fun holidays - both legit and made up - and I love to partake in each whether its wearing my fun and bright Lilly pieces for National Wear Your Lilly day ( June 21st), having a yummy doughnut for National Doughnut day ( June 2nd) and even decking myself out in red, white and blue for Independence day. Although I usually wear these patriotic colors throughout the year I thought it would be fun share a a few inspo and even some of my must haves for the forth! I'll also be sharing an outfit guide in the upcoming week, so be prepared to be on the lookout for that.


Are you as excited for the Fourth as I am?

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Weekly Rundown No. 9

Happy Fri-yay!!! Another week down, another weekly rundown.

WORE: So last week I treated myself to some new clothes and I have to say shipping was like super fast. Even though I paid for standard shipping my package came in like two days so that's always fun! Anyway I ordered some tops from Francesca's and I'm loving everything not to mention that everything was super cheap - seriously I scored a top that I had been eyeing that was originally $38 for $4 and some change. It was a crazy good clearance sale. Here are the pieces I snagged: 1, 2, 3, 4

LISTENED: My family has incredible taste in music, my parents' taste in music definitely influenced my sisters and I. One of my favorite family memories is just relaxing in the backyard, listening to music and just talking. Everything is so mellow and most of the time the music we jam to finds it's way to my head and stays up there for a good while. Well this week's song that is stuck in the head is 'She's so High' by Tal Bachman *que the cheesy 90s romcom*. Y'all go listen to it and try to get it out of your head!

SAW: 'Moana' was finally added to Netflix earlier this week and I could not be any more excited than I was. I had even counted down the days!! As unbelievable as this may sound, it was my first time watching the film and y'all I LOVED every second of it! For those of you who've never seen it/heard of it here's a quick trailer!


POSTED: Over last weekend it was one of my favorite cafe/bakery's one year anniversary at a new location and to celebrate they offered $1 birthday macarons, free mini fufetti cupcakes and $2 lattes. I went a little sugar crazy and left with a few macarons, a latte and of course a cupcake. Here's a picture from my insta! This week I also posted  two new  blog posts. The first was about my slight obsession with frilly sleeves (I also shared a few that I'm loving) and the second was dedicated to National Wear Your Lilly Day!

LOVED: On the topic of Lilly Pulitzer, the new agendas came out last week and I cannot believe that I didn't share the news with y'all! I've been a planner girl for about 6 years now and out of those 3 I've used Lilly planners. The new prints are absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to get my hands on this one! Do you use a Lilly planner? 

Thanks for Reading & Happy Almost Weekend!!


Lilly Lovin'

If I could sum up summer style in a few words it would be : Lilly, Bold, and Playful. It's also funny how Bold and Playful describe Lilly Pulitzer. After being Introduced to the brand I've fallen in love with their classic designs and fun prints.  Today, June 21st is National Wear Your Lilly Day! A made up holiday where thousands of women - young and old - wear their beautiful Lilly Pieces. Below are a few of my favorite Lilly pieces!


Thanks for Reading,

I Like big Sleeves & I cannot lie

I really really really love these sleeve details that tons of retailers and designers are coming out with. From the ever so classic bell sleeve to a simple flutter sleeves, I love 'em all. In this post I've put together a few of my favorites. You can also shop this post down below!


Thanks for Reading

Summer Wardrobe: Shoes and Accesories

Living in Texas comes with some perks - an obsession with Blue Bell Ice Cream, love for Friday night football and a nice wardrobe that can last all 4 seasons. For pretty much all my life I've had the pleasure of not needing to buy winter clothes, instead I'll switch up my denim shorts for jeans and throw on a jacket with a short sleeve t-shirt. 

Summer is one of my most loved and most hated seasons, it gets soooo hot and humid but I love summer activities. I also enjoy the new styles many retailers come out with but none the less I always find myself purchasing new shoes and accessories rather than clothes. Although I have added a few clothing pieces, this summer season I've managed to snag up some perfect accessories for this summer season!

If Jack Rogers don't scream summer to you then I don't know what does.  These sandals are the perfect summer sandal and the various colors are so fun!

A classic espadrille wedge, I looove these shoes. Not only are they easy to walk in but the are so in season with designer dupes!

These are from summer last year, but I can't stop loving them. They are casual enough to be worn with jeans and a tee shirt but also adds the perfect amount of sparkle!

Tassel earring are this summers biggest hit! I love these simple pair from SUGARFIX by BaubleBar at Target.

I sense a theme of gold jewelry this year. I've never been one to wear gold, much less own a few pieces. I also love these tiny gold rings.


  These are just some of my favorite shoes and accessories I wear during these summer months. Let me know what your favorite pieces are!

Desirae Marie

Weekly Rundown No. 8

Happy Fri-yay!!! Another week down, another weekly rundown. I have to admit these weekly updates are some of my favorite posts to write and read. This week has gone by incredibly fast. Not only was it fun to watch my sister graduate high school on Saturday, I also had a major lazy day on Sunday. Also work has been pretty slow these past couple of days so I'm getting the most hours but it's been nice just focusing on the blog. Anyways here is my weekly rundown!

WORE: Lately my style has been pretty laidback. The only time I truly dress up is when I have work and  my outfit is pretty easy and comfortable. One thing that I have been loving is turquoise jewelry. I recently purchased this necklace and I wear it with so many basic tops that It kinda adds a bit more to a super basic outfit.

LISTENED:  On word: LANY. Literally give them a listen down below, I recommend listening to ILYSB first. But for real this band is, ugh so good. I've kinda been obsessed for a couple of days and I can't get enough of them. However major creds to my sister for introducing me to them.


SAW: A few weeks ago I finally saw Hidden Figures and y'all it was soooo good. Feel good movies are my absolute favorite and I loved every scene. It's definitely a great reminder that women can do anything that they set their minds to. I can go on and on about this movie but it was just that good, 10/10 recommend!


POSTED: This week I made the transition from The Lonestar Prep to Stripes & Specs. For a while now I had been contemplating changing names, I wanted something that I could eventually use in the long haul and not feel tied down to a specific style. Since style is always evolving I decided to change names. You can read more about the name change here! I also created an official logo and I love it!

LOVED:  On a super blog related topic, my new logo DUH! In all honesty I'm so happy that it turned out so cute! Hehe. I've even thought about opening a page here where I can share more of my artwork and doodles. Let me know if y'all would be interested!💗
Thanks for Reading & Happy Almost Weekend!!

Desirae Marie

welcome back

As y'all have probably guessed, I finally choose a a new blog name - one that'll hopefully stick around. 

If you followed along on insta stories and twiter, you would have noticed that I've been brainstorming long and hard for a new name. I loved The Lonestar Prep but I am so far away from the 'preppy' style, I mean I still have and wear preppy, classic pieces but I wanted something that I could use in the long haul. 

I came up with The Lonestar Darling, one's that kinda stuck with me while transitioning to Stripes and Specs. The name was/is kinda a mix between 'The Lonestar Prep'.

I also went ahead and bought a domain!!! Yep, it's kinda official. I also have a bunch of new posts coming soon which is pretty fun. As always I'm super excited for the new part of my blogging journey!

 Be sure to check out the About page for my new socials and where to contact me!

As always, Thanks for Reading!

Desirae Marie

Weekly Rundown No. 7

Well, it has been a long time since my last weekly rundown. Really, I think my last rundown was in April (the 7th to be exact). Well I'm starting up back again and I can't wait to share a quick weekly update with y'all.

WORE: During May I jumped onto so many trends. I bought a denim mini skirt and some cool patterned pants. I also am such a fan of cold shoulder and one shoulder tops. Here is one of the looks from a recent outfit post.

LISTENED: Like almost everyone else, I've been listening to Harry Styles' album. It's so good! I've also been obsessed with 'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Beiber. You can also check out my May playlist for some one songs I've been listening to.

SAW: During these past few weeks, I finished Netflix *again* , binged Riverdale (y'all it's sooo good, I can't wait for season 2), and I just started Life in Pieces. I don't think that it's super popular but it's really good and funny.

POSTED: Lately I've been loving my instagram. It's super cute and colorful.

LOVED: Over this past weekend, I finally purchased a pair of Jack Rogers. I found these cuties at Marshalls for under $50 and I'm obsessed with them.I've always wanted a pair and when I saw these I knew that I was walking out with them. I think the pink and gold is perfect for the summer and I just love them! I can't wait to wear them more often.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Almost Weekend!!

Desirae Marie